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Monday, May 11, 2015

Rav Yosef Berger Shlit"a on the Geula Situation

Rav Yosef Berger Shlit"a, in his Peninim newsletter for Parshat Emor, quoted Rav Chaim Kanievsky Shlit"a's recent statement about the Geula being close and that we need to take a megaphone and announce it to everyone.

Rav Berger said that he will act as that megaphone and announce it.  He also said that he verified these words with Rav Kanievsky's grandson.

He then mentioned the Kabbalist who revealed that there will be a war after Shavuot until Sukkot, but didn't mention his name.  But he added that another kabbalist who lives outside of Yerushalayim said the same in a different way.  The wording used translates as:
After Shavuot will begin an uneasy time in the entire world, including Eretz Yisrael, which will conclude during Sukkot.  Therefore, we are obligated to do Teshuva and to tear up the gates of Heaven and to read Keri'at Shema and the acceptance of the Kingdom of Heaven with great concentration!
He then quotes the Hafetz Hayim who says, based on Bereishit 18:12-15, that during Ikveta Dimshiha, there will be Gedolei Yisrael who will be in the place of the prophets and will warn people to do Teshuva due to the imminent Geula.  However, there will be many who will question these Gedolim and will say that it's impossible for Mashiah to come until such-and-such happens, so they will therefore not listen to these preachers.  But they are unaware of the numerous sources for the suddenness of Mashiah's coming.

He then continued on about the greatness of Keri'at Shema.

In the Peninim newsletter for Behar, the following week, Rav Berger followed up by saying that he received many inquiries, comments, and questions on the previous week's newsletter.

Among them was Rav Yaakovson Shlit"a from Kiryat Sefer.  He related that he went to Rav Kanievsky Shlit"a and asked him if it was true what was publicized in his name that Mashiah Tzidkeinu is standing by the doorstep Mamash, and we are in Ikveta Dimshiha, and that anyone who wants to be saved from the last Hevlei Mashiah should be only busy with Torah and kindness to others.  Rav Yaakovson told Rav Kanievsky that these words caused myriads of Jewish people to become emotional, strengthened, and have great longing!

Rav Yaakovson then asked Rav Chaim Kanievsky, "Were these words that were said exactly from the Rav?"

Rav Chaim Kanievsky smiled and showed his satisfaction that many were being strengthened from these words, and said, "Every word is correct - Emet La'amitah."

Rav Yaakovson asked again, "Is indeed Mashiah Tzidkeinu Mamash immediately about to redeem us?"

Rav Kanievsky answered, "Yes! Just we aren't able to know how much time 'immediately' will take."

Rav Berger was very happy to hear these words and asked Rav Yaakovson to ask Rav Kanievsky that since there are many involved in Kiruv who are asking how to influence people who are very far away from Torah and Mitzvot, is it even feasible?  Maybe we could influence them to read Keri'at Shema with concentration, which is feasible for all, and that would be counted like Torah learning, perhaps.  Rav Berger asked Rav Yaakovson to ask this of Rav Kanievsky.

Rav Kanievsky answered, "Indeed, this is the path to take with them - to influence them to read Keri'at Shema, and by doing so, they will have fulfilled והגית בו יומם ולילה".

Rav Berger reveals another message from the hidden Tzaddikim: It's known from many Tzadikim, including the Vilna Gaon ZY"A, who explained הושענא שלוש שעות as the 3 hours of Gog Umagog.  If you notice, the word שעות is the same letters as תשע"ו, and הושענא שלוש שעות contains תשע"ה.  In other words, the war will begin at the end of 5775 and will conclude in 5776 - as in Motza'ei Shevi'it, Ben David comes.

(h/t for this post - email from a blog reader)


At Mon May 11, 02:42:00 PM 2015, Blogger Leah said...

May it be and let klal Yisrael be safe as well as those from other nations who are on the side of goodness. May evil be obliterated.

At Mon May 11, 03:30:00 PM 2015, Anonymous S said...

Chabad has great lessons on the Shema, B"H that we can share

At Mon May 11, 03:38:00 PM 2015, Anonymous Anonymous said...

The ramchal rashash and chidah have special kavanot for these 2 passukime . torah and science will converge on these 2 passukime so that the life of man will be like a trees can be realized . The youngest will die at a 100.

At Mon May 11, 11:45:00 PM 2015, Anonymous Moshiach NOW said...

Midrash Tillim (on Tehillim 1:2) states:

"Rabbi Eliezer declared: "Israel told the Holy One, blessed be He, 'Master of the world, we want to labor in the study of Torah during the day and at night, but we don't have the opportunity.'

"The Holy One, blessed be He, replied: 'Fulfill the mitzvah of Tefillin, and I will consider it as if you had labored in Torah study during the day and at night,"

At Tue May 12, 07:56:00 AM 2015, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Leah, very nice of you to write such kind words. Just as Hashem is Kind to all His Creations. He stopped the angels from singing and celebrating when the egyptians were drowning. Hashem shows Mercy even to the enemies of the jewish people, i am sure His Mercy will be also for the people in Nepal, who are mostly ignorant of the 7 laws. Even if they were not, its Hashem Who Judges them. your kind words are truly appreciated. thanks.

At Tue May 12, 10:07:00 AM 2015, Blogger Neshama said...

Maybe the megaphone could be atop a car with the recording of this message shouting out to the people in Tel Aviv. Someone could literally drive around warning people. Then they won't be able to say they weren't informed. Plus full page ads in all the Israeli papers too.

How in the world can you reach all the people if not thru mass media? Aren't we obligated to at least warn everyone we can? It's not just for the religious.


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