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Geula Update from Rav Berger (Shofetim 5776)

(My translation from p. 2 of his newsletter)

Stop Sleeping!!!

Towards the end of the year 5776 התשע"ו - Motza'ei Shevi'it - the Year of תשוע"ה

As we are standing in the last month of the year 5776 - Motza'ei Shevi'it - about which many have said that it is an auspicious year for the Redemption of Am Yisrael, based on the signs that the holy Haza"l provided - "Motza'ei Shevi'it, Ben David comes" - and based on the words of the great men of the generations of past and present and based on all the hints and occurrences that are seen to our eyes - but nevertheless, we have yet to be saved!...

We still have a few weeks until the end of the year - come, let's tear open worlds!

I will bring before you the words of Yeshaya Hanavi and the rousing words of the Brisker Rav, which will surely open up our hearts to increase prayers in order not to miss the opportunity of this year:

The prophet Yeshaya (21:11-12) said: 

יא  מַשָּׂא, דּוּמָה:  אֵלַי, קֹרֵא מִשֵּׂעִיר, שֹׁמֵר מַה-מִּלַּיְלָה, שֹׁמֵר מַה-מִּלֵּיל.11 The burden of Dumah. One calleth unto me out of Seir: 'Watchman, what of the night? Watchman, what of the night?'
יב  אָמַר שֹׁמֵר, אָתָה בֹקֶר וְגַם-לָיְלָה; אִם-תִּבְעָיוּן בְּעָיוּ, שֻׁבוּ אֵתָיוּ. 12 The watchman said: 'The morning cometh, and also the night--if ye will inquire, inquire ye; return, come.' 

The holy Rashi said: Dumah refers to Edom, and it also says (Yehezkel 27:32) מִי כְצוֹר, כְּדֻמָה בְּתוֹךְ הַיָּם.  One calleth unto me out of Seir - HKB"H said that the prophet or angel is calling to Me from the yoke of the kingdom of Se'ir.  Watchman, what of the night?  Oh, Guardian of Israel, what will happen from this night and darkness?  The watchman said - referring to HKB"H.  The morning cometh - There is [a plan] before Me to have [the sun] shine - to make morning for you - and also the night - prepared for Esav at the Endtimes, if ye will inquire, inquire ye - if you will request your requests to hasten the Endtimes, return, come - by doing Teshuva.

In other words, the prophet is prophesying a G-dly prophecy that when we cry out from the yoke and servitude of exile: "Until when will we bear the awful darkness of exile and terrible troubles?" The Watchman, HKB"H, will answer about this, "The morning of Redemption has already arrived and the nighttime of revenge when HKB"H will take revenge against the nations is already prepared.  The only thing missing is "if ye inquire, inquire ye" - the cries and requests to HKB"H to hasten the Endtimes already!!!  and "return, come" - to return to our Father in Heaven with Teshuva!!!"

The Brisker Rav ZY"A would tell over in the name of his father Rav Hayim Halevi ZY"A, who was repeating the words of the Maggid in his days (and actually used the tune of the lecture that the Maggid used): There was a story with someone who hired a wagon-driver to take him from one city to another during the short winter days (especially in the Russian winter where there is only a few hours of daytime).  They began their journey in the daytime and it lasted until nighttime.  At the beginning of the night, after several hours of traveling in the freezing cold, the one who hired the wagon-driver wanted to warm his bones so he swallowed several cups of whiskey and fell into a deep sleep.  When he woke up, the entire next day passed and he woke up at night, but since he was asleep, he thought that it was still the previous night so he swallowed several more cups of whiskey and fell asleep again until the next day at the beginning of night.  When he woke up again at night, he turned to the wagon-driver and asked, "What a dark and strange night we have here!... How much longer will this terrible night and darkness last???"

The wagon-driver answered him and said, "Don't think that this was still the first night since we embarked.  You should know that it already became day once and the evening shades stretched, and again the day was light a second time, and if you would take your mind away and drink more, another full day will pass over you while you sleep."

The Maggid continued and said: Am Yisrael stands, requests, and pleads for many years: when will the end come to this dark exile?  How much longer will this terrible night where we are feeling around like a blind man in the darkness last?  The burden of Dumah. One calleth unto me out of Seir: 'Watchman, what of the night? Watchman, what of the night?'  Kelal Yisrael is crying out and saying to HKB"H, "How long is this night - this terrible exile - how much time will the darkness last?"  Upon this, Hashem Yitbarah answers: The watchman said: 'The morning cometh, and also the night--if ye will inquire, inquire ye; return, come.'  The light of morning was already prepared for you to shine - just request your requests to hasten the Endtimes and do Teshuva!  Don't continue sleeping and the light of morning will shine for you!


At Fri Sep 09, 09:39:00 AM 2016, Blogger Emunah said...

How easy it is to sleep in these times we live in! We have so many different kinds of 'whiskey' to knock us out. Thank you for helping us stay awake. I fear, though, that we need to be in more pain to cry out. How many are truly yearning?

At Fri Sep 09, 12:22:00 PM 2016, Anonymous GoldieZP said...

a gutten erev shabbos. I am so glad I saw this as my chulent is cooking. Emunah, I agree we have been sleeping to long..... no more pain please our children are being taken away from us catskills, monsey, Israel, and the list goes on. HOW LONG HASHEM - PLEASE END THIS GOLUS!


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