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Thursday, February 27, 2020

Rav Fish on Corona and Geula in 5780

Summary (there is a lot more info than what is included here):
  • Corona is against Pegam Hayesod
    • The word corona means "crown" and it is very much connected to the middle line of the Sefirot, which starts with Keter and ends with Ateret Hayesod
    • It doesn't seem to affect those under the age of 9, who are not blemished with Pegam Hayesod
    • It seems to affect more men than women
    • It's occurring during Shovavim
  • Against Italy
    • A midrash talks about a cloud coming against Rome and spreading boils for 3 months and then another cloud spreads Tzara'at for 6 months.
    • Corn and Corona
      • תירס is identified as Paras (Persia).
      • In modern Hebrew, תירס is corn (if not etymologically, but phonetically close to corona).
      • The gemara (Yoma 10a) says that Rome will fall in the hands of Paras (=Tiras = Corn = Corona)
      • [YY - Paras itself is getting its share of corona too]
  • Gematriot
    • From the haggada: ביד חזקה זו הדבר (plus the kollel) is the gematria of קרונה (without the first vav).
    • [YY - The pasuk that I suggested to HDG, mentioned here and here] contains the words "עמי בא בחדריך", which is the gematria of קורונה.
    • The pasuk that talks about healing Miraim contains "רפא נא לה", which is the gematria of קורונה
  • Gog Umagog and China
    • The Zohar (Shemot 57b) uses the verse וברוב גאונך תהרס קמיך to talk about Gog Umagog and a plague at the End of Days
      • סין is hinted to from this verse
      • קורונה is also hinted to from this verse
    • Some commentators say that China is Magog
    • סנחריב - one can transpose the letters to say סין חרב (China is being destroyed)
      • And the gemara (Sanhedrin 94a) says that Hashem wanted to make Hizkiya Mashiah and Sanheriv Gog Umagog.
  • Hint to תש"פ from Shemot 15:9
    • ט  אָמַר  {ר}  אוֹיֵב אֶרְדֹּף אַשִּׂיג,  {ס}  אֲחַלֵּק שָׁלָל; תִּמְלָאֵמוֹ  {ר}  נַפְשִׁי--  {ס}  אָרִיק חַרְבִּי, תּוֹרִישֵׁמוֹ יָדִי.  {ס}9 The enemy said: 'I will pursue, I will overtake, I will divide the spoil; my lust shall be satisfied upon them; I will draw my sword, my hand shall destroy them.'
    • The sefer Amud Ha'avoda says that it was revealed to a great man in a dream that the 5 "Alefs" of the first 5 words hint to 5 "Elef"s or thousands, i.e. 5000 years, but the number of years after that was not revealed.
    • One could possibly say the following:
    • אחלק שלל means that one should divide the gematria of שלל in half.  שלל = 360, so we get 180.
    • תמלאמו נפשי means to take the Milui of the word נפשי (or נון פי שין יוד), which has the gematria of 576.
    • תורישמו ידי means to add ידי (which is 24) to the equation.
    • 5000 + 180 + 576 + 24 = 5780
    • אריק חרבי means to show how the gematria of חרבי (or 220) was "emptied" from the year 6000 - i.e. 5780.


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