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Wednesday, October 18, 2023

Year 8 and the 9 Months - Part 2

In Part 1, I noted R' Ari Goldwag's חידוש about year 8 of the 19 year cycle and I noted that the October 7th massacre was at the very end of Tekufat Tamuz, which is also the end of the first trimester of the 9-month "pregnancy".

If we take this a step further, we can say the following:

There is a concept that the holidays of Tishri are compared to a marriage between HKB"H and the Jewish people.  Rosh Hashana is like Eirusin, Yom Kippur is like Nisu'in, and Sukkot is like the 7 days of Sheva Berachot.  We can possibly say that Shemini Atzeret/Simhat Torah is compared to the Yihud of HKB"H and the Jewish people alone (symbolized by the 1 bull brought on that day since קשה עלי פרידתכם).

Let's also take a look at Niddah 31a (translation from Sefaria):
תנו רבנן שלשה חדשים הראשונים תשמיש קשה לאשה וגם קשה לולד אמצעיים קשה לאשה ויפה לולד אחרונים יפה לאשה ויפה לולד שמתוך כך נמצא הולד מלובן ומזורז תנא המשמש מטתו ליום תשעים כאילו שופך דמים מנא ידע אלא אמר אביי משמש והולך (תהלים קטז, ו) ושומר פתאים ה'
§ The Sages taught in a baraita: During the first three months of pregnancy, sexual intercourse is difficult and harmful for the woman and is also difficult for the offspring. During the middle three months, intercourse is difficult for the woman but is beneficial for the offspring. During the last three months, sexual intercourse is beneficial for the woman and beneficial for the offspring; as a result of it the offspring is found to be strong and fair skinned.
The Sages taught in a baraita: With regard to one who engages in intercourse with his wife on the ninetieth day of her pregnancy, it is as though he spills her blood. The Gemara asks: How does one know that it is the ninetieth day of her pregnancy? Rather, Abaye says: One should go ahead and engage in intercourse with his wife even if it might be the ninetieth day, and rely on God to prevent any ensuing harm, as the verse states: “The Lord preserves the simple” (Psalms 116:6).

Rashi says that the 90 days represents ⅓ of the pregnancy.  The Maharsha says that Rashi was not exact since a pregnancy could last 271, 272, or 273 days.  However, if we take Rashi at face value, it's possible to say that Rashi was saying that really ⅓ is exact and the "90th day" that the gemara mentions is not exact, and the gemara meant that the warning "it is as though he spills ... blood" is for having relations the day before ⅓ of the pregnancy is over.  So, if the pregnancy was 273 days, that would make ⅓ of the pregnancy the 91st day - not the 90th day.  וצ"ע.

Tekufat Tamuz started on July 8th - the Shabbat when we read the first of the תלת דפורענותא haftarot, where we read:

ה  בְּטֶרֶם אצורך אֶצָּרְךָ בַבֶּטֶן יְדַעְתִּיךָ, וּבְטֶרֶם תֵּצֵא מֵרֶחֶם הִקְדַּשְׁתִּיךָ:  נָבִיא לַגּוֹיִם, נְתַתִּיךָ.5 Before I formed thee in the belly I knew thee, and before thou camest forth out of the womb I sanctified thee; I have appointed thee a prophet unto the nations.

If this day was the beginning of the "pregnancy", and the 91st day of Tekufat Tamuz was October 7th morning (as a Tekufa lasts 91 days and 7.5 hours), and that was the day of Simhat Torah, the day of Yihud with HKB"H, then כאילו שופך דמים.

(I don't know the reasons behind it.  הנסתרות לה' אלקינו.  I'm just making an observation.)

Abaye was correct in saying that since we didn't know when the "pregnancy" began at the time, we should still celebrate Simhat Torah.  Some merited to have Hashem's protection since שומר פתאים ה'. Others were לא עלינו not so lucky.

We hope that the rest of the "pregnancy" goes better.  The "birth" is also a big question mark.  It seems to be up to us how that goes.

Sanhedrin 98b (emphasis added by me):

שאלו תלמידיו את רבי אלעזר מה יעשה אדם וינצל מחבלו של משיח יעסוק בתורה ובגמילות חסדים

Rabbi Elazar’s students asked Rabbi Elazar: What shall a person do to be spared from the pains preceding the coming of the Messiah? Rabbi Elazar said to them: They shall engage in Torah study and acts of kindness.

May we merit to see the Final Redemption sooner than we think with Hashem's abundant mercy. 


At Wed Oct 18, 05:58:00 PM 2023, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Amen to your last short paragraph! b'Rachamim!

At Wed Oct 18, 05:59:00 PM 2023, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Does this mean you have understand it as the 9 months starting on simchas Torah and Moshiach would come 9 months later?


At Wed Oct 18, 07:16:00 PM 2023, Blogger yaak said...

No. Rather, if this is accurate, it started 3 months prior to Simhat Torah. Read the post again.

At Wed Oct 18, 07:25:00 PM 2023, Anonymous Anonymous said...

So that means that, at most, we have 6 months left until Moshiach arrives?


At Wed Oct 18, 09:26:00 PM 2023, Blogger yaak said...

I don't give predictions, but if what was assumed in the post is correct, then yes.

At Thu Oct 19, 05:28:00 AM 2023, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Our Gedoley Israel, our Roshei Yeshivot in Yeshivot where my sons learn Torah day and night in Bnei Brak and Hadera are saying that we are Mamash before the Geula Shelema and revelation of Mashiah Ben David. As we see the situation in the World is so complicated that everybody feels that we are at the end. The safest place is EY. We have Shehina with us, Tsaddikim. Even though is hard here for some people but in the Diaspora will be much harder. Come now and you will not regret, you might regret that you heard messages and did not jump into Noah Ark, EY). The time has come my friends,
make documents and cash ready to come. Save your lives and your family beloved . It is the Mitsva Deoraota! Do it for the sake Hashem , for yourself and for your family.
PS They also said that in this Nissan we will bring korbanot to Bait Shelishi Gd willing. I feel Rav Ari post is very well connected to the point of Geula Shelema and if that is true that we have 6 months left , so I think that is possible to come east to EY within 3 months until TuBiShvat and after that will be the last 3 critical month for the survival. And thank you rabbi Yakov for clarifications of Rav Ari message and continuing running your Geula blog!



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