Wednesday, July 13, 2005


Fellow blogger Pinchas did it.
More than 500 others did it.
There are a bunch of pictures here from this Nefesh B'Nefesh trip and previous ones.

Order in Amida:
  1. Kibbutz Galuyot (of which this is a part)
  2. Return of Sanhedrin (its acceptance is not yet Kevarishona)
  3. Getting rid of Malchut Harish'a
  4. Reward for Tzadikim
  5. Rebuilt Yerushalayim
  6. Mashiah's sprouting

The process continues...


At Thu Jul 14, 05:21:00 AM 2005, Blogger Cosmic X said...


Hope to see you here soon as well!

At Thu Jul 14, 07:25:00 AM 2005, Anonymous Anonymous said...

You are seeing the light. The process continues... but it is a process.

Every day we are supposed to see as one step forward in this process. And we are supposed to believe that a giant step could be around the corner right now. But we are not required to think it can all be done in one day or one year from now, because it won't.

At Thu Jul 14, 09:54:00 AM 2005, Blogger yaak said...

Cosmic, one day, BE"H.

Anonymous, I don't know which way it will be, but I will definitely not rule out a giant step right now. Just remember, Yeshu'at Hashem Keheref Ayin. Also, many things are pointing to a Ge'ula within the next 15 months. The Gerrer Rebbe, Rav Kaduri, Rav Mordechai Eliyahu, and others have been saying things lately. This is besides the other hints pointed out by sites like and others.
I'm not saying anything is definite, but I cannot rule out anything either. Yes, it is a process, but the process can be expedited by Nissim - just like in Mitzrayim. We'll wait and see - it should come Bimhera Veyameinu.


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