Sunday, July 03, 2005

New Geula Version of Events

A poster on by the name of Daniel quotes an unnamed Kabbalist (the one who predicted the Tsunami) second-hand, but vouches for its authenticity. The unnamed Kabbalist said the following:
  • The disengagement will take place. (The crowd was stunned at this statement since it contradicts others' statements to the contrary (like Rav Mordechai Eliyahu's prediction). He then said that it wasn't as a prophecy - just his opinion).
  • The next stage after the disengagement will be the fight over whether to hand over Jerusalem to the Arabs. This will be the final selection process. He said that whoever advocates handing over any part of Jerusalem "has no Jewish soul".
  • After this process, the Geula begins. We will not need a Parah Adumah since the water on Har Habayit (mentioned here) will either rise or otherwise come on us and purify us all. (Sounds like this [scroll down to the end]). At that point Mashiah will come.

Let's hope the first part is wrong or that our Tefilot can nullify the evil decree. Let's do Teshuva so the second stage isn't so dramatic. And finally, let the third part come Bimhera Beyamenu.

Update: See the comments for an explanation of the purifying water by R' Mordechai Eliyahu.


At Sun Jul 03, 11:20:00 PM 2005, Blogger muse said...

I'm no prophet, but if this is so, it's because most of the people need to experience pain close up.

And they're rotten chess players, can't see how move "a" changes the board.

At Mon Jul 04, 09:19:00 PM 2005, Anonymous Yaakov Nathan said...

Latest from Harav Mordechai Eliyahu, shlita

The video can be found here:

Free translation:

Regarding what we said about the red heifer, [about] the third, the seventh [days of purification]:

Moshiach will come now -- where will the third [day] come from, where will the seventh [day] come from? [In other words, purification via the process of the red heifer requires seven full days to pass, as well as a process of sprinkling the water mixed with ashes over each and every individual Jew--a very lengthy process to purify the entire Jewish people.] What are we going to do now, we won't be able to touch Moshiach? We won't be able to touch Eliyahu Hanovi? Imagine when my turn arrives...[The Talmudic sages] Abaye, Rava, Ravina, Rav Ashi will all be alive [and in need of purification]...until my turn arrives [as I will have to wait behind all the great sages of previous generations] it will be a long time.

[Therefore, to solve this logistical problem] the Holy One says, "I will make a temporary law for you." The Torah belongs to G-d, the laws are his [so He can make a temporary law if He desires]. He makes a one-time law: "I will pour upon you pure water and you will be purified" (Ezekiel). The heavens will open up...

It is written that when Hashem created the world, the water was split--half was placed above, half was placed below....When Moshiach will come Hashem will open up the heavens and "I will pour upon you pure water and you will be purified". We won't need third, the seventh [days], we won't need the ezov, we won't need the red heifer...the Holy One says "One time I will permit you [full purification without the seven day waiting and sprinkling process]. Afterwards if you become impure you'll need the red heifer, but now I will make it easy for you: "I will pour upon you pure water and you will be purified" and it should be Hashem's will that it happen very speedily in our time, Amen!


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