Sunday, August 07, 2005

Vowing to Stop Disengagement

The headline is not as it seems. You're reading it wrong. Some people are vowing - actually taking vows - in order to stop the Disengagement (Hayo Lo Tihyeh). This is something allowed according to the Shulhan Aruch in times of trouble (see Yoreh De'ah 203:5). This is what Arutz Sheva says about it:
...the organizers call upon "tens of thousands" to take upon themselves the following commitment:

"If G-d comes to our aid and to the aid of all Israel, and preserves us during these times of tribulation as the sword of destruction and expulsion is lifted against us, and saves us and gives us the areas of our Land and inheritance in Gush Katif and northern Shomron, with their communities and residents - men, women and children - ... then, we, men, women and youth, commit without a vow to dedicate part of our time on behalf of the Land of Israel and the Nation of Israel according to the Torah of Israel once/twice/three times a month for the course of a year."

Among the recommended activities are those on behalf of national social justice according to the spirit and vision of the Torah and the prophets; redemption of captives such as Jonathan Pollard; educational and Torah activities; face-to-face activities with other Jews for the purpose of bringing them closer to G-d, Judaism and the Land of Israel; and kindness to the sick, elderly and others.

"And thus we will thank, praise and sanctify G-d for His salvation," the organizers conclude.

Rabbis supporting the initiative include Rabbis Yaakov Ariel, Yigal Kaminetzky, Moti Elon, Shlomo Aviner, Shmuel Tal and Yuval Cherlow.

I would just like to add that just because it's permitted in these circumstances doesn't mean that vows should be taken lightly. Vows are very serious, and should only be taken with extreme caution. One should do a serious Heshbon Hanefesh to see if one can truly handle this kind of commitment before undertaking it.

Update: As Yitz pointed out in the comments, this is being done "without a vow" (bli neder).


At Sun Aug 07, 05:49:00 AM 2005, Blogger Yehudit Yerushalmi said...

Too bad they keep overlooking the most obvious answer:

At Sun Aug 07, 08:17:00 AM 2005, Blogger yitz said...

Please be aware that the title is DOUBLY misleading. There is actually NO Torah vow here at all - people are being urged to take on whatever their commitment is, WITHOUT a vow [bli neder]. So commitment, affirmation, etc. YES; actual Torah neder=vow, NO.

As to our Jewish Jihad friend, Halevai! We need a complete revamping of the governmental and politicial structure in Israel before such suggestions as she makes can be implemented.

Perhaps we can take heart that Limor Livnat seems to have come to her senses, somewhat, in that she is to be voting AGAINST the gov't plan today. Let's hope that her cohort, Bibi, also has the guts to do this, and perhaps the gov't will begin to unravel, leaving room for REAL Jewish leadership to take over!!!

At Sun Aug 07, 08:32:00 AM 2005, Blogger Yehudit Yerushalmi said...

"We need a complete revamping of the governmental and politicial structure in Israel before such suggestions as she makes can be implemented. "

Agreed, 100%! I think this is the message we have to start pushing to get people focused on this one main goal because once we have the government, we can do everything else that is needed.

If we continue to put misplaced faith in the current system (either here or abroad) and allow our energies to be scattered among so many divergent efforts, regardless of how worthy, we are all going to find ourselves disarmed and sitting in prisons, G-d forbid!


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