Sunday, January 15, 2006

Tsunami-Kabbalist: It's Closer Than Thought

The Tsunami-predicting Kabbalist said in his most recent lesson:

According to my source, the Rav opened this time the lesson with determined words, and said that the matters are rolling much faster than he thought, and that the Geula is now much closer than he thought before, and that it is the ultimate Geula, and that after it there will be no more troubles to the people of Israel....

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At Mon Jan 16, 01:07:00 AM 2006, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Bt said to lazer on the sefardic mkubalim and the chassidic rebbes tzaddikim in machloket lshem shamayim. It makes sense ashkenaz dwelt with esau for so long its tired beat up- some branches satmar dont even deal with the medina. Sefardim on the other hand believe in geulah as a process and behave with it as such their great leaders often delt with israeli ploiticians despite being in many cases let down . In the long run its Beit hillel/ beit shamai as in eilu veilu divrei Elohim Chaim. Rabbi nachman of breslov said before geulah there would be different factions chassidic courts-sefardic chachamim- as long as we respect each other no seinat chinam - I believe thats whats important in shamayim oseh shalom bimromav.

At Wed Jan 18, 09:49:00 AM 2006, Blogger david said...

I think in all fairness and in the pursuit of truth, you should also post all the predictions that have turned out to be nonsense.

At Wed Jan 18, 02:02:00 PM 2006, Blogger yaak said...

I think in all fairness and in the pursuit of truth, you should also post all the predictions that have turned out to be nonsense.

Can you name one?

At Thu Jan 19, 09:57:00 AM 2006, Anonymous david said...

'Can you name one?'

Was that a joke? Every single one, it seems like, that has been posted here has turned out false.

At Thu Jan 19, 06:11:00 PM 2006, Blogger yaak said...

Name one. I'm talking about from this rabbi.

At Fri Jan 20, 10:36:00 AM 2006, Anonymous david said...

I'm talking about from all these predictions, not from one specific person. Here are some of the postings.
1) 3/9/05-From BIG will happen in next 2 months.
2)4/15/05- Mashiach coming within 3 days of Wednesday.
3)5/3/05-Midpoint of 7 year war is on Pesach Sheni-5/23/05
4)5/16/05-Mashiach will come before disengagement.
5)5/17/05-Another link to Mashiach coming during Sefirah.
6)5/31/05-According to Ibn Ezra's interpretation of verse in Daniel, something big could happen by the 26th of Iyar.
Another posting of Mashiach coming this year instead of 4 years.
7) 6/12/05- Silver watch has struck 12:00 (editors note-people actually believe this stuff?)
8)6/24/05-Disengagement will not take place.
9)7/22/05-Disengagement not happening.

I left out MANY MORE postings, but you get my drift.

At Fri Jan 20, 11:18:00 AM 2006, Blogger yaak said...


Thank you for putting me in my place. These predictions did in fact not turn out to be accurate. I am hopeful for Mashiah, sometimes to a fault, but I believe it to be better than not being hopeful at all.

That said, I asked you for a prediction by the Tsunami-predicting kabbalist that has been proven false. You only mentioned one by him. The one you mentioned in his name has not expired.

At Fri Jan 20, 11:31:00 AM 2006, Anonymous david said...

I certainly don't intend to 'put you in your place', but most of the things that these Mashiach sites do (prophecies by a 6 year old child-gimme a break!) is counterproductive. I do like your enthusiasm, but how are all these 'crying wolf' websites good for anybody's emunah?

At Fri Jan 20, 02:51:00 PM 2006, Blogger yaak said...

This question has been addressed many times - in the comments on my blog, on Mystical Paths, and countless times on the forum. I understand your viewpoint, and I have a different view.

My view is by keeping it in the public psyche, people will be fulfilling the idea of being Metzapim Lishua. If a certain prediction turns out to be untrue, oh well. If it does, how wonderful!

You see, it's different than crying wolf. By the crying wolf story, those who hear the cries too often will end up not believing. Here, we believe and will never stop believing. It's all a question of when - not if.


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