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Rav Dahan on the Excavations

Rav Shimon Dahan spoke about the excavations being done near the ramp to the Mughrabi gate in 2 Shiurim given in the past few days. The first is a translation from's transcription of part of his Shiur:

An Urgent Subject

One subject I must bring up now that's very, very urgent.

Ladies and gentlemen, you have to hear and listen to what happened a few days ago.

A few days ago, at the end of the week, there were 2 earthquakes in Israel, on after the other. In that week, suddenly, the Muslim world (true, this is not related to the Perasha, but it is a subject that is urgent to speak about) the Muslim people rioted on the Temple Mount. The entire world is boiling around one point: the Jews, through the government, want to build a bridge on condition that they'd be able to enter - when there's a time of trouble, our security forces need to enter the Temple Mount. They went to build a bridge.


Good, they just started to build this bridge, and then, suddenly they made riots, then no riots - we thought that they'd stop. They stopped building the bridge, but the archeological excavations didn't stop. The archeologists continued. What happened?

The Denial of the Moslems of the Existance of the Beit Hamikdash

...Until today, the Muslims tell us, "There is no proof that you ever had a Beit Hamikdash. You don't have [proof]." Just like many Jews don't believe, don't keep Shabbat, or anything - Jews who say, "I am a Jew" don't keep Torah or anything. Why? They say, "Antiochus" - that was in those days. The same thing with the Muslims. What do the Arab Muslims say? "What kind of Beit Hamikdash did you have? Who told you that you had a Beit Hamikdash? Who said so? You're imagining it." What do they say? "This Al-Aksa was here since the creation of the world. Mohammed didn't make it, nor did any calif (Omer) make it, but rather, it was here since the creation of the world, but the Beit Hamikdash never existed."

Now, what's happening? These archeologists are not religious - they have no connection to religion - but they love - they have a "Doodah" (joke in the head) to discover hidden secrets. What a "Doodah" to search there and dig, like these excavations, only to find something that was once here. And it's true - they are discovering things. And these finds are very important to the Jewish nation - not only are they important to the Jewish nation, but it's important to the entire world to know that there was once a Jewish nation here.

The Archeological Discoveries that are Standing Before Us

I don't need this, believers don't need this, but there are many people who have no faith whatsoever at all - suddenly, they'll see the Menorah as it is written thousands of years ago when there was a Menorah. They'll see the Shulhan (table), they'll see the Mizbe'ah (alter), they'll see things that were written in the same dimensions as were written in the Torah thousands of years ago. It is so written - they will not be able to deny it. This they already cannot deny, and this is what's going to happen. This is undeniable.

Behold, here is what's happening - that what the Holy Zohar writes - that the Creator of the world will prove to the entire world that He is our Father. How will He prove this? Through the past - the past that was.

The Root of the Dispute

Behold the whole topic that we are [arguing about] today - the most important topic is religion - it is not about land. It is a mistake that we are talking about here in this world as if the "Palestinians" [are the root of the dispute]. We think that they [the Palestinians] don't care if there will be a Beit Hamikdash or not. We think that all they want is land. This is not true! They [the Arabs] have lands all over the world. There are Arabs found all over the world - in Europe, in America, in Africa, in Australia - anywhere you say, Arabs are found. Are they lacking space? Saudi Arabia is 10x, [no] 100x bigger than Israel. Is the [dispute] about this (land)? No! They have a problem about religion. Their faith is protesting here: "What if we will come and prove to them that Judaism existed this whole time? And behold, another [archeological] find and another find and another find, and slowly, slowly, they will prove that Judaism existed [here]."

This is their fear. This is why they're rioting. They're not rioting over a bridge that you are building now - how would that bother [them]? In no way. Rather, over the [archological] finds there - they know this. Their leaders know this inside, and they know that there will come a day that the Beit Hamikdash will be built. How [or where] will it be built? In the place that we will build! Their fear is that the third Beit Hamikdash will be built exactly in that place, but the Creator of the world writes so.

"How do you see the situation?"

More than once or twice, I was asked, "How do you see the situation?"

Ladies and gentleman, this will happen much quicker than we think. Much, much quicker than we think.


He says a lot more very interesting info. Check it out at or listen to it here.

Also very interesting is his very latest Shiur from Shabbat. Nava started a new blog where she translates Rav Dahan's Shiurim. Here is the latest from Parshat Mishpatim:
Today, the Rav reminded for the second time (the first time was recorded) about the matter of digging at the Kotel and he said that there will be revelations and proof found about the Bet HaMikdash existance. This revelation will reveal the lies of the Muslims and Xtians in the world and this is their biggest fear. They are afraid that everyone will know that Am Israel are the chosen nation and the only chosen children of HKB'H and when it will become known, the Goyim (non-Jews) will have to show their fake religions. It's enough that when they dig, they will find proof such as a written document or utilities used in the Bet HaMikdash. Stupid those who think that all this digging is done because of the bridge. TO those who believe, we do not need any proof but for all so-called professors and/or intellects that betray HaShem and deny Him, this will be the winning war. All discoveries will be in a way of nature. What we are about to witness is HaShem revealing His Name and His Truth in this Olam (world).

The Rav spoke about about Shaarei Teshuva (Gates of Teshuva). Teshuva movement is decreasing and becuz of the soon to be revealed discoveries about Bet HaMikdash, those that will do Teshuva becuz of the effects of the discoveries of the truth, it has very little worth because once the truth will be publicized, it's no challenge to do Teshuva and therefore, do Teshuva NOW while we HaShem is still in the stage of Seter (hidden) - these are the last moments...

We must show HKB'H that His Home is not Hefker (ownerless), not with weapons - only with Emunah and trust in HaShem. This is the place of the Jews not the Goyim and Arabs - they have no business being in the Home of HKB'H and have nothing to search for there. We must be firm in this decision and not be 'gentle' with them. We must be clear and make a loud statement that Har HaBayit and Yerushalayim belongs to the Jews, ONLY. If we don't protest, at least pray to the Creator of the World that we identify with Him and we are not agreeing and will never agree to any kind of sovereignty except HKB'H.

HaShem is already checking our pulses to see how much we care about His Home, if we will operate, He will operate. But we must do the minumum and that is to pray to HaShem in His pain about His Home that foxes are freely wandering in His Home.

The double agents (archelogists) that are digging there places cameras in every direction in case they find something and therefore, the findings cannot be hidden. They are placing themselves in their own huge pitfall. The Rav doesn't doubt that ash from the Red Cow will be found... The problem is that we need a pure person that will sprinkle it on us because we are all impure... The Rav claims that this is not so difficult and there is a solution. Based on the Arizal HaKadosh, he used Malachim (angels). It is known that one cannot use Malachim without being pure by being sprinkled with ashes from the Red Cow and therefore, the Arizal was very Holy and HaShem revealed to him how to use the ashes from the Red Cow. This is what will happen now, too. HaShem will choose one Tzaddik that is on a very spiritual level and will reveal to this Tzaddik how to sprinkle the ashes of the Red cow, just as it was with the Arizal. We can see a clue to this from Dama ben Netina, a non-Jew who had great respect for his parents and didn't wake up his father even when he was offered megamillions. As a reward, HaShem bestowed on him a gift of the Red Cow. Dama is Adam דמא=אדם and the word (Para) Aduma אדומה contains the word אדם. This is the secret of purity of Am Israel.

A non-Jew merited in receiving a great gift because of his respect to his father. He got rewarded in this Olam. How many times over it will not be a problem for HKB'H to reveal the secret of the Para Aduma (Red Cow) to a God-fearing Tzaddik to purify Am Israel and to be able to be purified and see the Shchina (Divine Spirit). Usage of Malachim is a small reward for those who do Avodat HaShem. How will we know whom this person is that HaShem revealed the secret to? It's simple. The Rav hinted that the same as the Arizal, the Malachim are next to the Kotel (I think the Rav meant the same Malachim that are secretly trapped in the Temple when it was destroyed. There was a certain process that Malachim needed to go up to Shamayim (heavens) from the Temple, but what happened was that they didn't make it before the destruction of the Temple, and they were just "stuck" down - in the place of Even HaShtiya (אבן השתייה) (where ther Arabs stuck their obnoxious mosque). All this fits in perfectly to the timing of our generation and to the upcoming weeks, of building of the Mishkan.

This month, ADAR, awaits us many pleasant surprises and constitutes the next stage of the Final Redemption.

Till today, Am Israel were slaves to kingships but in countries outside of Israel it is a choice exile of the individual. There is a very simple explanation to this - if the Jews wanted, they could come to live in Eretz Israel in a split second**. And it will happen... It's enough that Wall Street will crush and all the Jews will arrive. But there is no dictatorship that prevents any Jew to make an Aliya to Eretz Israel. There is a very severe thing and this is the secret of the last exile and many Tzaddikim fall into this trap... The pit that the Satan (Yetzer Hara) built, all by himself and the 2 Meshichim fell inside - Moshiach ben Yosef whom is the secret of the Ox and Moshiach ben David whom is the secret of the donkey. It is the darkest and lowest pit and the maximum depth of the Klipt and they fell inside it because there, fell the strength of the Divine Spirit and they fell with the Sh'china in the Galut. There is one more remaining Galut (exile) and that is the Galut of the families. Today, in every family there is a Galut. There is a division between religious and seculars. This is the last exile and right now, there are clarifications and nothing is lower than this or harder. Despite all the bitter hardships, learn how to compromise and get along. This is an exile of individual families - Jews!

When Moshiach will be revealed, he will divide these camps, how will we accept it? Some of our own blood family members will not merit the final Geula. Even now, converts are not being easily accepted and those that will squeeze in to be converted, will be called גר גרור towed convert. The second the truth will be revealed, doing Teshuva will be worthless. The smart person understands this and will choose to do Teshuva RIGHT NOW, without waiting for proof of HaShem's existance!!!

Please, this is the time to strengthen in Emunah. These are the last moments before the great revelations of HKB'H. We must be ready...

**NK's comment: Making an Aliya is very simple and easy. Take as little materialists that you urgently need, hop on the plane and leave everything to HKB'H to take care of... Staying put or hesitating in your fancy homes and jobs will do very little to merit you entrance into Olam Haba... Don't waste another precious minute - Moshiach is very very very very close and coming to Israel before his arrival will merit you in unimaginable ways.

I can write a whole article about it to convince YOU but bottom line is - if you are serious about wanting to live in the time of Moshiach, hop on the plane ONE WAY to Eretz Israel NOW!!!

Hizki Uvirchi, Nava, for your translation of Rav Dahan's holy words.


At Sun Feb 18, 07:33:00 AM 2007, Anonymous Anonymous said...

From today's YNET:

"Remains of an ancient Muslim prayer room were found under the dirt embankment adjacent to the Mugrabi Gate in 2004, yet the findings, unearthed after part of the embankment collapsed into the Western Wall compound, were kept secret until now.

The information was withheld from the public ...."

Read more about this here:,7340,L-3366426,00.html

At Sun Feb 18, 10:15:00 AM 2007, Anonymous Anonymous said...

These are the last moments before the great revelations of HKB'H.
Good to understand this finally because there are two realities.
But the revelation is of us, who before we reborn we "know" what is in the other side, who waits there.
We are going to show there, where we are not yet but we will be soon.

We dont need to digg the dirt in the mountain but the one inside us, and find there the holyness.

At Sun Feb 18, 01:17:00 PM 2007, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Its nice his Torah / but israel is exile too. Look at the government gush katiff , chevron, as much chutzpah and arrogance as some of the worst goyim in too many places. The rebbe never went to israel . He said "make this place eretz yisrael ". Ive been back and forth to israel several times, its great but until mashiach comes the malchut of edom america is a better country , better run , fairer. Look at the iraq war , america got hit once they reacted by blitzing iraq. Israels is attacked from within and without by the intifada for 18 years cant silence it. Worse yet jails its own ,its best most devoted people. Jonothan pollard rots in prison. While hamas isnt squelched. Malchut edom america if it had hamas in its back yard would have broken its neck /s a long time ago, because she knows justice aparentely better then the jew in israel sadly. This is stark reality baby.Israel is not even a home to the jews they let in so many gentiles from russia, who fill up the police ranks to beat on settelers. This is freedom ? this is the dream ? this is israel?

At Sun Feb 18, 04:40:00 PM 2007, Anonymous Anonymous said...

No this is a world reality that is created by those who are the human designers of the Life on this planet,where is a Long War, a ritual Human Sacrifice going on.
Rebbe was right in thinking that before Moshiach comes all places are the same to be, live and experience the world war ritual.

At Mon Feb 19, 07:23:00 AM 2007, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I think you slander the Rebbe's name. No way he thought this or talked this way since it is completely against Torah. This is the talk of Amalek!

At Mon Feb 19, 11:32:00 PM 2007, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Still Rebbe is right and smart but only Moshiach knows what is pro Torah and what is against Torah. Amalek is everywhere,inside every human who talks or who doesn't.

At Tue Feb 20, 12:30:00 AM 2007, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Moshiach's Sword doesn't cut the Humanity and select it in many groups, but his sword cuts every human soul in haf; select inside each human what is left from G-d.

At Tue Feb 20, 04:43:00 AM 2007, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Thanks for the post.

At Tue Feb 20, 07:27:00 AM 2007, Blogger Shoshana said...

I am always in wonder at how a family, like my own got up the sechel and gevurah to make aliyah last summer. we are more settled here- in the shomron!- than anywhere else. funny how that works. Emunah is picking yourself up and going home to Eretz Yisrael.

b'Emet v' emunah.

At Wed Feb 21, 08:35:00 AM 2007, Anonymous Anonymous said...

"those that will do Teshuva becuz of the effects of the discoveries of the truth, it has very little worth because once the truth will be publicized"

With all respect to the Rav, this is not so.

To accept the truth in the light of proof is a great thing, always, and it is not so easy at all. See the refusal of certain religious Jews to accept that the world is much much older than 6,000 years.

In this case, if archeologists find let us say Aron HaKodesh, may it be soon, surely many will do Teshuva. In the light of the facts, they will then conquer their Yetser, become saintly Jews who serve HaShem, and receive great reward for that. May it be so.

True, the saintly who came to kedusha before, will get still greater reward. However, this is because they were truly connected to HaShem. Those who simply believed what was fed to them, without to much thinking, and without being Truly connected to the Truth, why would they get a greater reward than those who were sceptic and waited for the proof?

At Mon Feb 26, 05:29:00 PM 2007, Anonymous Anonymous said...

'why would they get a greater reward than those who were sceptic and waited for the proof?'

Because the had the role to do so, to be more blind than others, to be far from the truth. Why do we have to punish them again? They are punished enough with their role. There is no real Truth knowing to man yet. God knows only.


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