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Thursday, July 02, 2009

(Used to be) Big in Japan

Fascinating article on the life of a Japanese Ger, who is being sent back to Japan to help with the Yeshiva boys there.


At Thu Jul 02, 09:07:00 PM 2009, Blogger גילוי said...

It isn't mentioned there, but he sponsored the latest two editions of Ezor Eliyahu, a siddur according to Nusach haGR"A.

At Thu Jul 02, 11:18:00 PM 2009, Blogger מֹשאל רפאל said...

He speaks Lashon HaRa about Gerim in his defense of Rav Sherman. As a response, let me say that I hope he hired a good private detective to check the antecedents of the members of the Beit Din before which he stood, lest in the future another Beit Din retroactively invalidate his Giyur afer finding "his" Beit Din Pasul.

At Thu Jul 02, 11:43:00 PM 2009, Anonymous s said...

Interesting story he has. I wish him hatzlacha

At Fri Jul 03, 12:53:00 AM 2009, Blogger מֹשאל רפאל said...

One interesting point he brings is the lack of wiggle room in Japan. Strict application of rules might send these boys to jail. But Moshe defends blatant maljustice in the name of strict application of rabbinical rules. Moshe should know that there are many true Gerim in our time, more than the very few he claims there are. Many of these, with stories as impressive as Moshe's, were sent to Rav Druckman. They had no reason to be suspicious, just as the three Bachurim had no reason to suspect the friend that set them up. Moshe Haturi became a Jew by thinking. I hope he did not stop thinking. May he succeed helping to free the boys.

At Sun Jul 05, 09:54:00 AM 2009, Blogger Cosmic X said...

Nice story.


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