Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Jerusalem, No Man's Land?

HR's job is not quite done yet.

Googling "distance calculator between cities" finds a number of results.

The first non-sponsored one brings me to

OK, let's see how far it is from Jerusalem to New York. I enter "Jerusalem" for the first city and select "ISRAEL" for the optional country. I enter "New York" for the second city and "UNITED STATES" for the optional country. I click "Get the Distance".

I get to this page where New York, US was found OK, but it doesn't seem to find Jerusalem, Israel. Instead, I get the following choices:

Jerusalem, BELGIUM
Jerusalem, BOLIVIA
Jerusalem, BRAZIL
Jerusalem, BRAZIL #2
Jerusalem, BRAZIL #3
Jerusalem, COLOMBIA
Jerusalem, EQUADOR
Jerusalem, GHANA
Jerusalem, GERMANY
Jerusalem, GERMANY #2
Jerusalem, HAITI
Jerusalem, JAMAICA
Jerusalem, LIBERIA
Jerusalem, MEXICO
Jerusalem, MEXICO #2
Jerusalem, MEXICO #3
Jerusalem, MEXICO #4
Jerusalem, MEXICO $5
Jerusalem, NO MAN'S LAND
Jerusalem, NEW ZEALAND
Jerusalem, PERU
Jerusalem, OHIO, US
Jerusalem, VENEZUELA

When I select "Jerusalem, NO MAN'S LAND", it shows the real Yerushalayim on the map.

When I think of No Man's Land, I think of the Lebanon-Israel border or the Syria-Israel border - not Yerushalayim, Ir Hakodesh. No amount of political correctness can make up for such absurdity.


At Mon Jun 21, 10:23:00 AM 2010, Anonymous Mad Max said...

It actually is Hashem's land, and therefore belongs to no man. So this term is actually correct, even though it's not the way it was intended by them. The same is true when the nations will claim after Moshiach comes, that everything that they've ever done was for the Jews. A Mentch tracht un Got lacht!!


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