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Tuesday, August 31, 2010

4 Jews Murdered by Hamas

Ames Family (picture from VIN)
Hashem, how much longer to this Galut? This week's Perasha says:
ואנכי הסתר אסתיר את פני ביום ההוא
How much longer can we live in this age of הסתר פנים?

Today, 4 Jews were murdered near Kiryat Arba by Pirei Adam.

  • Yitzhak and Talia Ames
  • Kochava Ben Chaim
  • Avishai Shindler
See Akiva's angry reaction with a lot of relevant data on how many "peace" concessions took place recently.

Very disturbing was the news that one of the victims had his license for a weapon suspended recently.

Particularly sad was the news that a Zaka volunteer, responding to the incident, found his wife's body among the dead.
Jerusalem - ZAKA volunteer Momy Ben-Haim was dispatched to the scene of the terrorist attack with his colleagues, where to his horror he discovered his wife’s body among the dead.

“We saw a crying volunteer, and at first we did not understand what was happening - he has seen many disasters before,” Zaka volunteer Isaac Bernstein told The Jerusalem Post.

“Then he started shouting, ‘That’s my wife! That’s my wife!’ We took him away from the scene immediately,” Bernstein added.

Ben-Haim was taken to his home in Bet Hagai by his colleagues.
I don't cry often, but I cried after reading this.

Ribono Shel Olam, Ad Matai?


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