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Thursday, August 26, 2010

Conquest of Yishmael

Everyone should read William Federer's article on the timeline that shows how often Yishmael has conquered former houses of worship of other faiths and turned them into mosques.

Some of these on the list, I'm not complaining too much about, since they are fulfilling להעביר גלולים מן הארץ והאלילים כרות יכרתון, but all of the instances on the list show what their real intent is near Ground Zero, which, although not a house of worship, nevertheless has religious symbolism in their eyes.


At Thu Aug 26, 06:32:00 PM 2010, Anonymous Aboutboul said...

Little by little Yishmael is taking over the world. But his Achilles heel is that he is a wild-ass of a man as mentioned in the Torah. Because of this violent side, he will cause the world powers to wage war against him. We have seen this in Irak and in Afghanistan. And Iran is now also headed in that direction. What else would you expect, it is Yishmael's nature to be violent. It's in his blood.

At Sun Aug 29, 11:14:00 AM 2010, Anonymous Assi said...

Rav Ovadiah Yosef has called Abbas and the palestinians the evil haters of Israel. So why even negotiate with these evil enemies of Israel. It would be tragic to give the arabs even one millimeter of the Land of Israel. Netanyahu is making a huge mistake in wanting direct talks. If Netanyahu cannot take the pressure, then he should let someone else be Prime Minister. How about Rav Ovadiah Yosef.


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