Friday, October 29, 2010


  • Condolences to the family of JBlogger RivkA
  • Please continue to pray for Shabty ben Miriam, who is in a coma, last I heard.
  • I hope to still have a restful Shabbat, despite hearing that the intened target of suspicious packages on cargo planes was synagogues in Chicago.
On a lighter note,
As far as the upcoming elections:
  • I endorse Joel Pollack for the 9th congressional district of Illinois for every reason I can imagine.
  • As far as the senate goes, Mark Kirk has a pretty good record on Israel, so I like him, especially in a close race.  If the race were not as tight, I might have voted for Avner Nagar as a write-in (who, by the way, has a great voice as a Hazan!).
  • As far as governor of Illinois, despite an email campaign from frum machers in the city to vote for Quinn, I'll probably stick with Brady.  I hope I don't regret it.


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