Monday, December 20, 2010

Asara BeTevet - Could be At'halta deGeula

I'm sorry I hadn't done so earlier, but the past few weeks, I started listening to Rabbi Sitorsky's shiurim.  They are phenomenal.  Thanks to Tomer Devorah for introducing me to them.

He talks a lot about Mashiah in the one for Vayehi.

He says (near the beginning and again at about the 40:00 mark) that according to the Hatam Sofer, just like Asara BeTevet was the At'halta dePuranita (the beginning of the punishment for the Jewish people as it was during the days of Nevuchadnetzar), in the future, it has the potential to be the At'halta deGeula (the beginning of the Final Redemption).  The Hatam Sofer says that the verse סמך מלך בבל אל ירושלם means בבל=34 + ירושלם=586.  So 586+34=620.  That could either be כרת (excommunication) or כתר (crown).  Asara BeTevet can go either way - it could be an At'halta dePuranita or an At'halta deGeula - it's up to us. 

He also says that Sefarim say that we are judged on Asara BeTevet on whether or not Mashiah will come this year or not.  Being that Asara Betevet is on a Friday this year can only help in that regard, he says.

In addition, he Devar Torah on Reuven is beautiful.

Listen to the whole thing.


At Tue Dec 21, 02:56:00 AM 2010, Blogger Devash said...

I'm gratified that I was the one to make the shidduch. ;-)

At Wed Dec 22, 04:11:00 AM 2010, Anonymous Neshama said...

Very interesting. Do you realize he is chabad and is giving over 'preparing for the geula'. Think I will add him to my list to listen to also.


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