Monday, January 17, 2011

Jonathan Rosenblum on the First Gulf War

From Mishpacha Magazine:
“Talk of Mashiach is in the air,” I wrote. “Every cheder yingel can quote the Malbim on Daniel 2:45, describing the war of Gog and Magog. To my ‘How are you?’ an acquaintance responds, ‘Tzipisa L’Mashiach [anticipating the Mashiach], and then adds ominously: Any period with potential for Mashiach, also contains within the potential for great calamity.’


Yet already by the third week of the war, entry into the sealed room had become a perfunctory drill:

“Gone is the terror, but with it goes the intense identification with every other Jew in Eretz Yisrael. Going back to sleep after one early-morning siren, I realize that I did not stay awake to hear the news from the rest of the country or say Tehillim for those who might still be in danger. Already by the fourth week, my principal fear is that nothing will remain of all that Hashem has revealed to us and the opportunity to draw close to Him and makes ourselves worthy of Redemption that He has provided.”

Twenty years later, my fears have been fully realized. Even the maidservant at the Sea saw what was not revealed to Yechezkel ben Buzi. Yet without preparation and the tools to hold on to the vision, she remained a maidservant. So it is with us.
We need to be prepared this time.


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