Wednesday, January 12, 2011

USS Enterprise: Keeping the Camp Holy

There was a whole hulabaloo last week with the captain of the USS Enterprise making and showing risque videos to his crew.  The captain was subsequently sacked.

We now learn that the USS Enterprise is scheduled to deploy either
to the Persian Gulf and Mediterranean regions
and, according to Debka:
Over the weekend, the US president ordered US vessels to buttress the Sixth Fleet stationed in the eastern Mediterranean with the USS Enterprise carrier and its strike group with 6,000 sailors and marines aboard and 80 fighter-bombers. Already deployed there is the USS Bainbridge missile destroyer.

Either way, it's there to help out Israel.  I don't have another source for this, but it could be that Hashem made it that the ship that is going to help out Israel needs to keep its camp holy just as the Jewish camp must.


At Wed Jan 12, 10:58:00 AM 2011, Blogger Moriah said...

Here's an interesting article about gay sailor's supporting Honors actions :


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