Thursday, September 08, 2011

Interesting Recent Links

  • R' Lazer Brody has 2 more posts - one is a letter from Reb Nati, who confirmed from Rav Berland that "We are there!"  The second is a follow-up to the previous post, which said war would come by Rosh Hashana.  See the clarification made there.
  • Turkey is threatening to send a warship with the next flotilla to Gaza and is not happy with the off-shore Israeli gas discovery and vowed to fight it going to Israeli hands.  See Debka and Arutz Sheva.  Shirat Devorah notes that this revisits a prophecy from 1989.  Rucho Shel Mashiach notes that Turkey is aligning with Egypt to further isolate Israel.  On the other hand, Eli Yishai had a conversation with the Egyptian ambassador today, so we don't really know which way Egypt is heading.  But relations with Turkey are in free-fall. 
  • The National Cathedral can't seem to catch a break - or maybe that's all it can catch.  First, the earthquake.  Then the crane slipped and broke 2 buildings.  And then, today, 2 more workers were injured trying to dismantle the crane.  The prayer vigil for 9/11 will now be held at Washington Hebrew Congregation.
  • The Muqata and Shiloh Musings embed a horrifying video from the destruction of Jewish homes in the Land of Israel in the middle of the night, which, besides being wrong for its own sake, terrified children from their sleep.
  • At the Ladaat forums, someone quotes the book "Sefer Haberit", who says that the reason Mashiah hasn't come yet (over 200 years ago) is because we only care about ourselves and are not concerned for the Shechina's sake.
  • The NY 9th Congressional District election has solicited an unprecedented Psak Din from a good mixture of Sephardic and Ashkenazic rabbis telling you for whom you cannot vote or support.


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