Thursday, September 01, 2011

Rav Shteinman Talks About Hurricane Irene

Hakadosh Boruch Hu brought a mabul to the world and, after the mabul, He vowed never to bring another mabul upon the entire world, but on part of the world He would bring [a mabul]. Recently, what happened in America, that there was a large scale storm, is considered a mabul in that specific place, with torrential rains and powerful winds. In the mabul [of Noach's times], there was hot water, while in this instance there was not, but it was ‘mei’ein a mabul‘ (a small-scale mabul).

As for lemaaseh, it comes to awaken and inspire us, especially during these days, which are the days of Elul. Rav Yisroel Salanter said - I heard that Rav Naftali Amsterdam said it in his name - that if a person dies a sudden death, then for three days one need not learn mussar [because of the impact of the tragic event]. Here, that such events happened, both the powerful winds and also the tragedies in which people were murdered in Eretz Yisroel and in chutz la’aretz, this comes to awaken us to be mechzeik ourselves in preparation for the Yom Hadin. In fact, we are already in Elul, but the truth is that we view it as if the day of judgment is maybe fifty years away or so, and therefore [Hakadosh Boruch Hu] has come to arouse us that we should be mischazeik in preparation for the Yom Hadin, Rosh Hashanah, habah aleinu letovah.


At Thu Sep 01, 11:32:00 PM 2011, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Irene was a classic haarpicane. Wake up, bro...

At Sat Sep 03, 12:29:00 PM 2011, Anonymous Neshama said...

I can't help thinking about all those trees upended in Brooklyn, ripping their "roots" out of the earth. I compare the roots to the children, who are meant to become the future of Klal Yisroel, being ripped out of the community by abuse, tragedies, and a rejection of the yiddishkeit they are grappling with.


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