Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Old News Clips About Israel

FuzzyMemories.tv is a site that has old TV clips from Chicago.  Some of these clips include national and international news.  Here are some of the ones that have to do with Israel.

Here's a November,1973 clip talking about prisoner exchanges after the Yom Kippur War.

Here's an ABC News clip from Israel's handover of El Arish in May,1979.  Also, a "Piece Conference" in Be'er Sheva.

In this October, 1979 clip, President Carter's Secretary of State got mad at settlement expansion.  Shocking!

Israel is briefly mentioned in this interesting March, 1980 clip - "60 Minutes" on Libya's Qaddafi

Near the end of this November, 1982 clip, we have the Israeli embassy in Quito being bombed, Arafat ימ"ש rejecting Reagan's peace proposal - also shocking! - and trouble in South Lebanon.


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