Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Tzanzer Rebbe ZT"L 37 Years Ago on Vayetze and the End of Days:

Kikar has an article (in Hebrew) about the Tzanz-Klausenberger Rebbe ZT"L, who said some interesting things 37 years ago (Parshat Vayetze, 5735) about the Geula.  His words were put into writing for the first time recently.  Among what he said:
  • If we would be allowed down into the real cave of Me'arat Hamachpela, Mashiah would definitely have come already.
  • Rav Yosef ibn Yahye, among those exiled from Spain 500 years ago, predicted that the Geula would be in 5700, a little earlier or a little later - which is an unusual prediction to be so much later than the time of the prediction.
  • It's too bad that Kever Rahel is covered as it really should be out in the open for people to easily pray there
  • The Mazal of the Yishmaelim knows that it's bad (for them) to allow the Jews to pray at holy places as doing so will bring the Redemption, so they do whatever they can to prevent it.
  • The Yishmaelim are really Kofrim.  They appear to be righteous [as far as Bein Adam Lamakom goes], but then they join in with the Communists and Edom and show their true colors.  This weakens their power.
  • Yaakov Avinu cried when he saw Rahel Imeinu because she would not be buried with him.  The idea is that in the End of Days, the Jews would not be able to reach Yaakov Avinu's actual burial place, so only Rahel's tomb would be available to cry upon when we need a place to pour out our hearts to Hashem.  Rahel knows full-well from her father's deception at the wedding what it means to show and trick the whole world into thinking how wonderful you are, but really be a cheat.  She is the best candidate to come before the Heavenly Throne to show the difference between Yishmael and Yisrael.  That is what is meant by "ותרץ ותגד לאביה" - and she ran and told her father - it means her Heavenly Father.  She will pray to Him and describe how Yisrael are really Tzaddikim and Yishmael are really Resha'im.  [YY- adding my 2 cents here - we need to make sure that this is an accurate description of us.]
  • When we see Jews having peace and quiet and settling among the nations, that's when we have to worry about problems from the nations.  On the other hand, when we see the nations all vowing to destroy the Jews, that's when we should be happy and know that the nations' accounting is full and that our salvation is near.


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