Friday, December 09, 2011

Sefer HaHinuch on Gid Hanasheh

After the last post scared everyone, here are some words of consolation.

This is the Sefer HaHinuch talking about the 3rd Mitzvah in the Torah - the Gid Hanasheh:
משרשי מצוה זו כדי שתהיה רמז לישראל שאף על פי שיסבלו צרות רבות בגליות מיד העמים ומיד בני עשו, שיהיו בטוחים שלא יאבדו, אלא לעולם יעמוד זרעם ושמם ויבוא להם גואל ויגאלם מיד צר, ובזכרם תמיד עניין זה על יד המצוה שתהיה לזכרון יעמדו באמונתם ובצדקתם לעולם. ורמז זה הוא לפי שאותו מלאך שנלחם עם יעקב אבינו שבא בקבלה שהיה שרו של עשו רצה לעקרו ליעקב מן העולם הוא וזרעו ולא יכול לו, וצערו בנגיעת הירך וכן זרע עשו מצער לזרע יעקב, ולבסוף תהיה להם ישועה מהם, כמו שמצינו באב שזרחה לו השמש לרפאתו ונושע מן הצעד כן יזרח לנו השמש של משיח וירפאנו מצערינו ויגאלנו אמן במהרה בימינו.
Among the roots of this Mitzva is in order that there be a hint to Israel that even though they suffer many tribulations in the exiles at the hands of the nations and at the hands of the sons of Esav, they should be assured that they will not be destroyed. Rather, their children and name will always endure and a redeemer will come for them and redeem them from the hands of the oppressor. And when they constantly remember this idea by way of this Mitzva, it should be a remembrance that will endure in their faith and in their uprightness forever. And this hint is [in this Mitzva] because that angel that fought with Yaakov Avinu - which tradition tells us was the angel of Esav - wanted to uproot Yaakov from the world along with his children, but could not overcome him, but [nevertheless] caused him pain in touching the thigh. And similarly, the children of Esav cause pain to the children of Yaakov, but in the end, they [the children of Yaakov] will have a salvation from them - just as we find by our father [Yaakov Avinu] where the sun rose to heal him and he was saved from the pain, similarly, the sun of Mashiah will rise for us and heal us from our pain and redeem us, speedily in our days, Amen.


At Sat Dec 10, 12:46:00 AM 2011, Anonymous Anonymous said...

actually i dont feel afraid when i read your writings from the holy sages. as a noahide i can also understand what us gentile nations have and are doing to israel. however, if we dont keep discussing about the mosiach, the various sages' guidance on this subject, someitmes our surrounding difficulties can just make us forget the promised salvation for jews and in their merits the rest of the world.

At Sat Dec 10, 10:42:00 AM 2011, Blogger Neshama said...

This threat has been in effect for many many months. Why davka now such a statement? Doesn't make sense, unless it's a Yated inspired contest (go against) to the Mishpacha contest (subscription) with a cell phone as a prize? And Mishpacha is starting a new Ivrit weekly competing with the Yated weekly!?!

I just don't get it, this fuss over phones? I realize there is trouble in certain circles, but sane people are mostly responsible.

At Sun Dec 11, 09:12:00 AM 2011, Anonymous Anonymous said...

to neshamah you made your point ~ the yetzer harah is insane . as rabbi akiva says today its not putting on my yamaka to tomorrow worshipping idols mamash ~ yetzer hara = insanity !


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