Thursday, October 11, 2012

Rav Azriel Auerbach To Marry Another Elyashiv

Rav Azriel Auerbach Shlit"a must like marrying those with the last name Elyashiv (who wouldn't?) because he is getting married to Mina Elyashiv, the widow of Rav Avraham Elyashiv ע"ה, who is the grandson of Rav Elyashiv, according to Kikar and Behadrei.  Rav Azriel's first wife, Rabbanit Leah, the daughter of Rav Elyashiv ZT"L, passed away about 4 years ago.  Rav Shmuel Auerbach Shlit"a will be Mesader Kiddushin.

I made a crude partial family tree to help you figure this out:

Mazal Tov!


At Thu Oct 11, 02:35:00 PM 2012, Blogger Neshama said...

Is there much of a difference in age?

At Thu Oct 11, 02:53:00 PM 2012, Blogger yaak said...

Wikipedia says that he was born in 1938, but Behadrei says that he is 75, so someone's off by a year. Behadrei also says that she is 58.

At Thu Oct 11, 04:16:00 PM 2012, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Rabbi Elyashiv of blessed memory was an only child. It somehow does not sound right that Mina is a descendant of Rabbi Elyashiv, either the elder or the younger, especially since the father of the Gaon HaDor had a different surname: he adopted his father-in-law's name upon immigration to Palestine. It appears to me, correct me if I am wrong, that Mina used the surname Elyashiv only because it was her husband's. Now she is remarrying - mazal tov - and you bring this up?

At Thu Oct 11, 04:23:00 PM 2012, Blogger yaak said...

Right - she is not a descendant of Rav Elyashiv - she just used the name via marriage.

Was my headline misleading? I admit it might have been so I clarified it within the post and with the chart. I fail to see your question.

At Thu Oct 18, 03:57:00 PM 2012, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Is the kala related to the hatan on his paternal grandparents side also( Parush)?

At Thu Oct 18, 04:20:00 PM 2012, Blogger yaak said...

I have no idea.


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