Monday, December 01, 2014

Interesting Recent Links - Vayishlah 5775


Mashiach – What’s It Like? (h/t MIC)

(page 2 of pdf)

(see also Rabbi Grylak's column from last week's Mishpacha)

Part 2: The Death of Sheker HaChein, the Spirit of St. Louis

Geula in 5776 - Part 1 of 5 (Hebrew, h/t comment on Years of Awe):

Jews of Arab Nations

Har Nof Massacre

Terrorism and Anti-Semitism


Rabbi Pruzansky Accuses Media Of Distortion, Offers His Thoughts On Controversial Blog Post (h/t Torah Musings)

Rabbi Tzvi Tau: Bayit Yehudi is ‘Machshir the Sheretz’

Are The Bugs in Tropicana Orange Juice Kosher?

Latest Anti-Religious Storm: Non Frum Prayer Nixed in Knesset Shul

From Kuwaiti Arab to Israeli Jew

Secrets of the Number 9 (today is the ninth of Kislev, and as I'm writing, it is the ninth hour of the day, which makes it auspicious regardless of whether or not it's the 9th year from Yovel or not, IMHO).

Words Matter: How Vocabulary Defines the Israeli-Palestinian Conflict

"Yad Hashem"


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