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Thursday, August 27, 2015

Rav Zev Wolf of Zbaraz ZY"A's Geula Scenario

In this week's Peninim by Rav Berger, he brings down in the name of Rav Zev Wolf of Zbaraz (Wikipedia English | Hebrew), who wrote how he imagines the Geula will take place (my translation):
An extremely wonderful description of how the coming of Mashiah will look, how everyone will merit it with mercy, and how all will return in repentance through the light of Mashiah was said by the holy rabbi Rav Zev of Zbaraz ZY"A, the son of Maggid of Zlotshov ZY"A. (Brought down in the book "Divrei Shalom" p. 156, where he heard this from his father, the holy rabbi from Shinva ZY"A.)

He said these words at a time when people came to him and asked him to curse out a certain Jew who was a Moser, who, at that time, had gone and slandered against his Jewish brethren to the non-Jewish Paritz [land-owner].

The Rebbe answered them and said:
How can you ask me to do such a thing - to curse that Jew? Come, let me describe to you what will be when Mashiah will come, and then, you'll understand that it is forbidden to curse and degrade any Jew:

When Mashiah comes, Kelal Yisrael will be busy with making a living. A textile merchant will stand in his store and measure an Amah of fabric for a buyer. Suddenly, in the middle of the measuring, they will hear a loud noise outside, and the merchant will ask the buyer, "What was that loud noise?" And he'll answer him, "I don't know, since just a few seconds ago, I was outside and everything seemed normal - nothing extraordinary." But after the noise gets louder, the buyer will say, "Let me go outside to check out the matter."

He goes outside and sees lots of Jews - men, women, and children, rich and poor, Torah scholars and laymen, all running with alacrity and in a hurry. He approaches them and asks, "Where are you running?" They answer him, "Don't you know that Mashiah already came to redeem us?" He emotionally asks again, "Where are you running and where is Mashiah?" They answer him, "We are running to the study halls and synagogues to say Tehillim and to learn a chapter of Mishnayot and a page of Gemara because we feel naked of Mitzvot, and only by way of Torah and Mitzvot can we approach holiness, since to Mashiah, silver and gold have no value at all - only Torah learning is very important in his eyes." And so, the buyer joins them and runs to the study hall.

In the meantime, the store owner is waiting for the buyer to return to buy the fabric, but he hears the sound of the Shofar getting louder and louder - until he goes out of his store and sees people running, and he also asks to understand their running - and they answer him like the above.  He then also joins them in their running to the study hall.  And similarly, all the Jews from the four corners of the earth gather in the synagogues and study halls and pour out their hearts with complete repentance from the depths of their hearts without interruption - until suddenly, a cloud comes and descends upon them and takes from them a number of special people, and immediately, a heavenly voice goes out and announces about them, "So and so and so and so performed true repentance and merited to enter the area of Mashiah."

And it will be when other people that remain will see this, they will be further awakened to do complete repentance and the cloud will return and also take those like the first ones, and so on and so forth until eventually, the entire Jewish community reaches complete repentance and merits to enter before Mashiah Tzidkeinu.

Then, the nations of the world will gather to a meeting getting advice on what to do to be saved from the anger of Mashiah for their oppressing Israel throughout the generations. And they decide that the best advice is to give a present and gift to Mashiah in order to bribe him. And after many discussions as to which gift is worth to give to him, they come to a decision that the choicest gift for Mashiah in which he will be the happiest about more than anything else is "a Jew". And they will all go and find a Jew, but none will be around since all the Jews already repented with complete repentance and are already in the area of Mashiah. Until they find the worst Jew of Israel - who is none other than this Moser, who, in his evilness and stubbornness, didn't want to go and greet Mashiah. They take him with great honor and with a royal crown on his head, and every king places his crown on this Jew, and they bring him to the King Mashiah, who is happy about him as much as all the wealth, when he says that even the lowest of the low of Israel is near him special and great...
The holy rabbi of Zbaraz concluded his words:
Do you want me to curse the gift of Mashiah?


At Thu Aug 27, 08:17:00 PM 2015, Anonymous Rav berland said...

Rabbi Berland calls on American Jews: "make Aliyah to Israel"
Mashiach is coming: Rabbi Berland calls on American Jews to immigrate to Israel until Sukkot - to welcome mashiach • Listen to his words
Moshe Weisberg יום שישי י"ג אלול תשע"ה 01:06 28/08/2015
Rabbi Eliezer Berland during second hakafos. (Courtesy of photographer)

Rabbi Eliezer Berland gave yesterday (Tuesday) a shiur over the phone to the Breslov Center in Miami for 10 minutes, in which he called on the entire community numbering about 70 persons, to immigrate to Israel.

Rabbi Berland said the following: "On Motzaei the first day of Sukkot everyone has to be in Israel to greet the mashiach in Jerusalem, men, women and children and infants who do not know how to crawl. So right after Yom Kippur, everyone has to go to Israel! And for the citizens of Israel too, everyone must come to Jerusalem right after the first day of Sukkot to hear the king read the Torah as the Rambam says in Hilchos Chagigah".

On Rosh Chodesh Elul Rabbi Eliezer Berland said in his lesson: "Now we have forty days until Yom Kippur and 45 days before the soul of Moshiach will be actually revealed".

Rabbi Eliezer Berland has recently given four shiurim to his students and followers in Israel and abroad over the phone and the Shuvu Banim International website, from his stay in Guatemala - as revealed for the first time in Behadrey Haredim. According to the rabbi's words in the shiur on 22nd Av, he asked his students not to come to Guatemala but to travel to Uman for Rosh Hashanah.

"The Rabbi is in the capital, and asked not to go there! Do not go! Behave simply! Make the kibbutz only at Rabbeinu! Only at Rabbeinu hakadosh vehanora! And Rabbeinu will protect all of you for being there on Rosh Hashanah, and do not make any tricks, then you will see Mashiach ben David!"

During all the last shiurim which lasted for about an hour, Rabbi Berland spoke enthusiastically about the geulah and his veteran talmidim say they have never heard their teacher speaks like that for years.

On Erev Rosh Chodesh Elul, the Rabbi added exact dates of the process of revelation of Moshiach, which he said will start on Yom Kippur, and will continue for another 6 years until the end of 5781. "We are now preparing the Yom Kippur of 5776, preparing the Yom Kippur a day of salvation of 5781 when the Rosh Hashanah will come out on Shabbos and Pesach on Motzaei Shabbos and there will be a Purim Meshulash, when there will be the geulah, then it will be a day for relief, 5781, so will the true salvation to Israel, which Daniel prophesized that this will be on two thousand and three hundred, morn till eve, 2300 years, which will end in 5781, the year of Israel's salvation.
"And now we are preparing in these same six years, and those six years from 5776 until 5781, these are years of redemption, those are years in which the people of Israel will repent, the biggest criminals repent, because there are no secular in the Jewish people, there are no criminals among the people of Israel, no wicked people of Israel, those are all stages in the salvation, it's all stages in the development of the soul, in accepting the parts of the soul, the biggest gangster in the end will become the most righteous man."

It should be noted that in all the years Rabbi Berland spoke against those who calculate the time of the geulah and against those who are trying all the time to determine the time of the coming of the mashiach, but as the Malbim writes, when we get close to the redemption we will be permitted to speak of dates. Even Hagaon R' Chaim Kanievsky said recently to CEO of Yad Sarah Rabbi Moshe Cohen and director of the emergency switchboard and hospitalization plan Rabbi Nachum Gitman, when they came to receive his blessing on installing panic buttons in shulls, "until the Yomim Tovim Mashiach will come and you won't need to install panic buttons any longer".

Courtesy: Shuvu Banim International

At Fri Aug 28, 01:41:00 PM 2015, Anonymous Anonymous said...

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At Mon Aug 31, 03:11:00 AM 2015, Blogger CDG, Yerushalayim, Eretz Yisrael Shlemah said...

I hope the above is true. I will watch carefully. It won't be easy for me because I will be working much longer hours than usual to make up for the Chagim.


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