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Monday, January 09, 2006

Sof Davar Hakol Nishma #4

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Sorry for the long blogging gap. Haven't had much time to blog lately. I hope I can partially make up for it with this post. Here's some of what went on while I was not blogging:

Tsunami-Predicting Kabbalist
The Tsunami-Predicting Kabbalist, in his most recent lecture, said a few amazing things. He said that:
  • Sharon is dead
  • We're only ½ step before Ge'ula
  • Gates of Teshuva are closing so do Teshuva now
  • More
See some discussions and some explanations.

Also, note that this same kabbalist, among others, had predicted that Ariel Sharon would be the last Prime Minister of Israel before Mashiah.

On the other hand, note that R' Lazer Brody's acquaintence "BT" says that PM Sharon is still very much alive in this amazing conversation.

R' Dov Bar Leib explains how the Koreas are involved in the timeline of the End of Days.

Star of Mashiah
A few people reported seeing a strange-looking star over Hanukka. Note that it was predicted earlier that there will be a star of Mashiah coming on Hanukka.

Earthquake in Greece notes that an magnitude-6.9 earthquake happened in Greece on the anniversary of the date (ח' טבת) that the Torah was translated to Greek (and the Shulhan Aruch (580:1) even says that it's (ראוי) fit to fast on this day [ - at least for אנשי מעשה]).

Rav Kaduri's Condition
Rav Kaduri has unfortunately fallen ill. Rav Ovadia Yosef made a "Mi Sheberach" for him, which you can see here, courtesy of also notes that his name is יצחק כדורי בן תפאחה, and that a great rabbi (possibly the Ben Ish Hai) had once blessed him to greet Mashiah.

Ahdut - Unity
Part of the Tsunami-Predicting Kabbalist's talk focused on the Haftara of Vayigash, which talks of the unity of Yosef and Yehuda, and that unity is a prerequisite of the coming of Mashiah. R' Lazer Brody showed the way in his latest post.

Torah Code has an exclusive Torah Code that has the words אריאל and ורה(Sharon's mother's name) in sequence together only once in the Torah passing through Parshat Vayigash (last week's Perasha, when most of the world were saying both names in a "Mi Sheberach" for Sharon). It also passes through the verse in Vayehi where Yaakov was about to tell his sons about the End of Days. The interval is 357, one below the Gematria of משיח, which is 358, to possibly signify how close we are.

May we witness the coming of Mashiah speedily in our days, אכי"ר.


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