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Monday, April 23, 2007

Redemption: Is a Hudo Shel Mahat Required?

Rabbi Yehuda Kroizer in Arutz Sheva:
The Redemption will not fall from the sky [Rabbi Kroizer concludes], and it is dependent upon us. We must believe that it is within our power to bring about and implement the revolutionary change. We must remember that the path is likely to be long and difficult; it is not incumbent upon us to complete it, but neither may we neglect it for a moment. Even if some aspects are not possible to carry out at present, it is important that the goals be clear. May G-d grant blessing to our actions and enable us to see quickly the complete Redemption of Israel.


However, the idea that "The Redemption will not fall from the sky" is by no means accepted by all people in all circumstances. Even those who do accept this concept should admit that it's altogether possible for the Redemption to happen Keheref Ayin. The way things look right now, it appears to be a Kim'a Kim'a (slow) process. However, Yeshu'at Hashem Keheref Ayin, so one should be ready for anything. See the Gemara in Eruvin (43a-43b) how this is even LeHalacha. The more one is ready and prepared for it, the more chance of an Ahishena Ge'ula, as it says, Hakeh-lo:

כִּי עוֹד חָזוֹן לַמּוֹעֵד, וְיָפֵחַ לַקֵּץ וְלֹא יְכַזֵּב; אִם-יִתְמַהְמָהּ, חַכֵּה-לוֹ--כִּי-בֹא יָבֹא, לֹא יְאַחֵר

On the other hand, the author is right - we must do everything possible now to "bring about and implement the revolutionary change", as he put it. In the absence of knowing Hashem's ultimate plan, we need an אתערותא דלתתא (reawakening from below) now to show our ultimate goals. As Haza"l say, if we open up a hole the size of the sharp part of a needle, Hashem will open up for us the size of a large hall.

Don't get me wrong - I'm not being Kafui Tova to the State of Israel. The creation of the State of Israel was a Ness, and we must thank Hashem for giving the Jewish people its homeland, wherein Torah and Mitzvot can be performed in a greater way than if no State existed. So, I therefore support the creation of the State. Some Israeli governments have done terrible things to stifle religion in the State, and that has been terrible, but the concept of a State was, IMHO, for the best, compared to the alternative at the time.

However, we have grown up as a nation. 59 years is approaching retirement age. It is time for a change. The goals the author suggests should be in the mindset of every religious Jew in Israel and the Diaspora alike. How these goals will be implemented and when they will be implemented are up in the air. The fact that they will be implemented is not.

Yom Ha'atzma'ut was stage 1. Yom Yerushalayim was stage 2. We're still waiting for stage 3, whether it involves אתערותא דלתתא or not. May it come במהרה בימינו.


At Thu Apr 26, 10:47:00 PM 2007, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Dear Yaak,

The principle you state is correct. The Geula can come in two ways. However, there are more principles involved, and as things stand now, the Geula can only come Kima Kima. Let me explain.

You write that not all agree with "The redemption will not fall from the sky". It is worse: Those who do not agree, fight against the idea. This prevents the Geula from coming today.

Because, not only do they fight against the idea, they fight against the evolving process of redemption itself. With all their might.

This is why there was orthodox support for Oslo. In the hearts of its leftist designers, Oslo was intended to thwart the "Meshichim". Rav Yosef agreed.

This is why there was orthodox support for the disengagement. Again, a wild attempt to thwart the process of redemption. Sharon was bothered by these settlers, by their religion. Rav Elyashiv agreed.

Not by chance, those who do not agree that "the redemption will not fall from the sky" are generally opposed to going up to Har HaBayit. Not by chance, they are generally opposed to the idea of creating a Sanhedrin.

They do not want redemption this way. They want to wait. Because, really, in the final analysis, they do not want redemption at all.

This of course includes non-political groups also, such as Edah HaCharedit. Or, I hear the opposition, Chabad.

Know that Rav Kroizer is a gadol. We do not fight "redemption today". How could we? But, in the current state of affairs, no way that the Geula will come from the skies.

Not because we think that HaShem cannot do that. Not because WE closed our minds. It is because those who claim to be waiting every day for redemption to come that very day turned the waitng into a frum way to prevent progress and have thus become the biggest opponents of the redemption: Chabad, Aguda, Degel, Edah HaCharedit. And Shas, Yaak.

With Respect.

At Fri Apr 27, 11:00:00 AM 2007, Blogger yaak said...


Everyone says, "This group or that group is the greatest obstacle to redemption."

The Religious Zionists say, "If only the Hareidim would have come to Israel before the Holocaust..."

The Hareidim say, "If only the Religious Zionists woudn't have so much faith in the state..."

It could be they were both at fault. But they were both wrong for saying it.

I could tell you one thing: the biggest obstacle to redemption is Sin'at Hinam from all groups.

At Sat Apr 28, 01:27:00 PM 2007, Anonymous Anonymous said...

This thing is not symmetric, and neither is the hatred you speak of, and I think you are aware of it. What you say sounds frum, but the truth has to be said also if it hurts.

At Mon Apr 30, 03:40:00 AM 2007, Blogger yaak said...

I think your "truth" and the real Truth are two different things.
My Truth is the Torah. The Torah says not to hate fellow Jews, no matter what political party they are affiliated with.
Let's try not to alienate other groups, but to unite in what we agree on to make the Redemption a reality.
If this sounds too "frum" for you, so be it.

At Tue May 08, 02:57:00 PM 2007, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I THINK RAV MEIR KAHANE WAS MASHIACH BEN YOSEF,,,,,,,I think as rav kaduri said we are in the spiritual throes of gog umagog ... How mashiach comes if there is one or there are two is all conjecture ,,,,,there are many sources in Torah disagreeing . The rambam says there is one ,,,,,,the ramban two etc .......One thing for SURE the settelments in yehudah and shomron are the next big piece on the puzzle of how geulah will occur,,,,,,,kahane and the late lubavitcher rebbe hinted at this many times that eretz yisrael shleimah had to do with mashiach badi and the eradication of the exterior amalak of the nations. The nations / amalak knows this so they pressure the weak of emunah in the land into consession which is their suicide barring miracles ,,,,,,,


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