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Tuesday, May 01, 2007

Nahal Haredi Recruits Foreigners

According to JTA,

...Nahal Haredi, plans to launch an advertising campaign this summer in major Jewish newspapers in the United States and Britain seeking more foreign recruits.
"Nahal Haredi has the highest proportion of Diaspora volunteers of any Israeli unit," Klebanow said. "They come to us with high motivation, and many subsequently make aliyah. Sometimes they are more Zionistic than native-born Israelis."

The Nahal Hareidi website, talking about its "MaHaL" (foreign volunteer) program, says:
MaHaL soldiers also benefit from the Nahal's daily shiurim as well as an Ulpan course during the training period, one-on-one learning sessions during active duty and the inspirational Shabbat programming and special events that lend a religious dimension to the intensive military regimen.

Here's an application

Definitely an option for religious boys who cannot learn in Yeshiva all day.


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