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Wednesday, July 02, 2008

Bigdei Kehuna

In this week's Perasha, Aharon Hakohein is about to depart to the next world, but before he does so, he is told to take off his garments and put them on his son El'azar. The Me'am Lo'ez tells us that a miracle occurred in that the garments were taken off in the same order as they were put on (it would be hard to imagine the Kutonet being taken off before the Avneit and Me'il, but this was the miracle).

As Nava and now the Jerusalem Post report, a workshop has been inaugurated by the Temple Institute so that the Bigdei Kehuna can be fitted on Kohanim. So far, it's only for Kohanei Hedyot, however.

Hatzlaha Rabba to them!


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