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Monday, July 07, 2008

Hafetz Hayim in a Dream

I saw the following on Mystical Paths and Life In Israel:

The famed Rabbi Shachne Zohn, shlita, had an amazing dream about three weeks ago. Rav Shachne Zohn has been the Rosh Kollel of Kollel Kodshim v'Taharos in Yerushalayim for nearly 40 years. Before that, he served as a Rav at Yeshivah Torah Vodaas in Brooklyn. In his youth, he studied at Yeshivos Mir and Kamenitz in Europe. He also studied briefly with the Chafetz Chaim, who had a great impact on him.

About three weeks ago, the Chafetz Chaim appeared to Rav Zohn in a dream. The Chafetz Chaim said to him, "Geula krova lavo. L'farsem, ulehitkonen." (Translation: The "redemption is close. Publicize and prepare yourself.")

I have confirmed this story with Rabbi Zohn's daughter in Jerusalem, and his son, Rabbi Elchonon Zohn, Director of Vaad Harabanim of Queens, Chevra Kadisha).

What's interesting about this is that the Hafetz Hayim writes in his book Tsipita Lishu'a (mentioned here) that the study of Seder Kodshim is recommended now to prepare for the Ge'ula. And here we see that the Rosh Kollel of Kollel Kodshim v'Taharos gets a dream from the Hafetz Hayim, with whom he studied briefly, that the Ge'ula is close.

May his dream be realized במהרה.


At Thu Jul 10, 02:40:00 PM 2008, Blogger Lady-Light said...

I just commented on your post on ציפית לישועה and hope you still receive them on old posts.
If this is true, my husband is a Kohen; how should he prepare?

At Wed Aug 06, 06:20:00 PM 2008, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I believe this to be true!!
THe way to prepare is to, make changes quickly in our personal lives.
1 take care of the earth
2 our selves

3 dont eat meat!

This is what we have done.
Following this will truly show we are ready for the redemption and Moshiac now to come!

I believe because we too, had similar experience 2 years ago!
But much more clearer and profound!
Baruch Hashem!!

At Wed May 06, 07:20:00 AM 2009, Anonymous Anonymous said...

3 don't eat meat! Why?


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