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Wednesday, January 28, 2009

מְהָרְסַיִךְ וּמַחֲרִיבַיִךְ, מִמֵּךְ יֵצֵאוּ

It says in Yeshaya:

מְהָרְסַיִךְ וּמַחֲרִיבַיִךְ, מִמֵּךְ יֵצֵאוּ

Ahmedinejad comes from Jews?

That's what this A7 article says:
Charge: Ahmadinejad Rants to Hide His Jewish Roots

by Hillel Fendel

( The son of a leading Iranian authority accuses the Iranian President of changing his Jewish name.

Several Iranian media sources are quoting Mahdi Khazali – the son of a leading supporter of Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad – as having written in a blog that the president has Jewish roots. So reports the Hebrew-language Omedia website and Radio Free Europe.

Khazali, son of Ayatollah Abu Al-Kassam Khazali, says that Ahmadinejad changed his Jewish name on his ID card in order to hide his roots. Khazali the son says that the president hides his Jewish roots by attacking Israel and the Jews, and by expressing strong Muslim religious beliefs.

A record of the name change still appears on the president’s ID card, however, says Khazali. His old name was Saburjian, and he hails from the Aradan region of Iran. The accusations appear in an article Khazali wrote entitled, “The Jews in Iran.” He says the time has come to “reveal the truth” about the Jews’ role in Iran.

Ahmadinejad's relatives once told the British paper "The Guardian" that the family had changed its name for "a mixture of religious and economic reasons."

Ahmadinejad will be running for re-election five months from now.


At Wed Jan 28, 04:20:00 PM 2009, Blogger Neshama said...

Nothing is as amazing or amusing as the history of the Jews. This could be the beginning of the end for Ahmad.... who will probably lose in the upcoming election. They are setting him up for his own failure. I just hope he doesn't try to use the "Law of Return" to escape Iran's wrath.

At Thu Jan 29, 03:26:00 PM 2009, Anonymous Anonymous said...

The irony is that if he is indeed Jewish, Israel would have to grant him the right of Return.

At Fri Jan 30, 12:38:00 AM 2009, Blogger Moshe said...

Then he could go live with the Neturei Karta


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