Monday, July 06, 2009

Linx of Interest

  • R' Lazer Brody explains the ups and downs of Hevlei Mashiah in Game over, or new beginning?
  • Yeshiva World News tells of Egged's preparations for the Ohr Hahayim Hakadosh's Yahrtzeit. When I was in Israel last year, I traveled by bus to the Kotel one night, and on the way there, I looked out the window and saw a giant crowd at Har Hazeitim. Not knowing what was going on, I had asked someone on the bus what had happened (thinking someone important had recently passed away), but this person told me that it was the Ohr Hahayim Hakadosh's Yahrtzeit. The Kotel itself had a very big crowd too that night.
  • Penina Taylor explains What countermissionaries believe
  • Gilui warns of "darkness that will plague Am Yisrael in the lands of Galut" which "will reach its peak in the first half of 5773", but gets better in 5776.
  • Elder of Ziyon has a translated link to an Arabic site which shows how the Neturei Karta suggest to Palestinians how to destroy Israel. Ironic how they're similar to Bil'am in this manner.


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