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Monday, July 20, 2009

Rav Shmueli's Shiur

The last 10 minutes of Rav Shmueli's Shiur were especially interesting, starting at about 52:30.

First, he tells of how Yishma'el keeps progressing in the world and how the Jews keep going backwards spiritually חס ושלום. In the end, all will turn out good, but he suggests doing at least one thing extra to show progress toward Teshuva.

Then, he tells of a story of a family who lost the mother of the family and the whole family decided to be more careful in Berachot that they shouldn't say any Beracha without someone answering Amen. A 10-year-old girl of the family was very thirsty one night, and really wanted a drink, but knew that no one was awake to answer Amen, and she overcame her Yetzer and didn't have the drink. When she went to sleep, her mother came to her in a dream saying that with her actions, she saved a classmate of hers from a disease. She asked her classmate about it the next day, and the family was stunned that she even knew about the disease, but they later confirmed that the disease had literally disappeared overnight.

Finally, someone showed him a picture of Obama and Par'oh next to each other and he said that perhaps, he is really Par'oh, and this is based on a Zohar (Beshalah p.58 - p.89 in the pdf)

רבי אבא אמר משמיה דרב ייסא סבא, והכי אמר רבי שמעון, זמין קודשא בריך הוא לאחייא לכל אינון מלכין דעקו לישראל ולירושלם, לאנדריאנוס ללופינוס ונבוכדנצר ולסנחריב, ולכל שאר מלכי עמין דחריבו ביתיה, ולשלטאה לון כקדמיתא, ויתכנשון עמהון שאר עמין, וזמין קודשא בריך הוא לאתפרעא מנייהו באתגלייא סחרני ירושלם, הדא הוא דכתיב וזאת תהיה המגפה אשר יגף ה' את כל העמים אשר צבאו על ירושלם, אשר יצבאו לא כתיב, אלא אשר צבאו, כדין כתיב וברב גאונך תהרוס קמיך, ודא לזמנא דאתא משיחא כתיב, ושירתא דא שירתא דעלמין היא .


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