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Thursday, March 11, 2010

More on the New Korban Pesah Initiative

Regarding the new effort to bring a Korban Pesah this year that I mentioned in the previous post:

I see that besides Rav Kanievsky's Haskama to this initiative, we also have Rav Benayahu Shmueli signed onto it, along with Rav Kook, Rav Neventzahl and many other gedolim.

This initiative differs from other initiatives that I've seen in the past few years in that:
a) it seems to have broad Haskamot and
b) they've done their homework

Maybe this is the Shuvu Eilai that we need for Hashem to say "Ve'ashuva Aleichem".

Update: I realized I'm leaving out a major difference:
c) Some of the previous initiatives (like this one) call for bringing the Korban Pesah without a Beit Hamikdash and before the Geula occurring. This one is simply preparing for the Ge'ula and not getting caught off-guard.


At Thu Mar 11, 02:23:00 PM 2010, Blogger NonymousG said...

I'm starting to wonder if it's one moron who goes to the all the Gedolim and asks silly things ie selling a kidney to pay for a wedding, using a Shabbos lift but not explaining how it works....

I'm reminded of a story about R' Chaim Kanievsky. Someone sent in a letter asking if one can play basket ball on Shabbos. He asked what basketball is, and was informed it involved putting a ball in a basket. His reply was "it's better to put the ball in the basket before Shabbos".

This is true apparently. But seriously, none of the Rabbonim announced this initiative, some loony just conjured it up.... And I wouldn't be surprised if the certified ok for Korban Pesach sheep and forms made the initiators a few shkalim either!

At Thu Mar 11, 02:59:00 PM 2010, Blogger yaak said...

Why the cynicism? Why call the initiator a loony?

I understand that some people have a mentality of not breaking with the Mesora we had for the past 1900 years, but why do so at the expense of breaking with the Mesora that we had prior to that?

Some people live in a Geula mentality and some live in a Galut mentality. In our times, until Mashiah comes, we need to live in both. Not too much of a Galut mentality since that just depresses our spirits. Not too much of a Geula mentality (like the crazies who didn't fast on Asara BeTevet) since we are still in Galut. However, a balance of both is good. This initiative shows that we want the Geula to happen and are willing to make the necessary preparations. It also shows that we expect it to happen at any moment. (See the gemara in Eiruvin 43a-b and Beitza 5b for other examples of how we change halacha because we expect the Geula every day.)

At Thu Mar 11, 07:59:00 PM 2010, Blogger Neshama said...

This is what The Rebbe instructed us all - To live in the Geulah, with the reality of it, as if it is here already. The Rebbe said to just open your eyes and you will see it. B"H

A friend called from Israel scolding me why I'm not home already; she said "things" are already happening.

At Thu Mar 11, 11:25:00 PM 2010, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Can someone tell me if this is connected to

At Fri Mar 12, 09:24:00 AM 2010, Blogger yaak said...

It doesn't seem like it. As I mentioned in the update, this initiative is Geula-based. The Sanhedrin backs bringing the Korban Pesah even nowadays.


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