Wednesday, November 03, 2010

Marco Rubio, you just won Florida's senate seat. What are you going to do next?

"I'm going to Israel!!!!"

(For those who don't understand this post, see here.)


At Wed Nov 03, 04:53:00 PM 2010, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I voted for him.

At Thu Nov 04, 12:00:00 PM 2010, Anonymous neshama said...

Do you mean "YOU" or 'Rubio'?

At Thu Nov 04, 12:11:00 PM 2010, Blogger yaak said...

:-) Halevai me.

It's funny you say that since I considered a follow-up post to this after the Geula:

Jews of the Diaspora, your king, the Mashiah, just defeated Gog and Armilus HaRasha - what are you going to do next?

"We're going to Israel!!!!"

At Sat Nov 06, 12:05:00 PM 2010, Anonymous Neshama said...

That's a great retort! Shame it might take that long.

BTW: Everyone adjusts to Eretz HaKodesh differently, and only by living here is one really tested to the nth degree. It could happen that one's life can be turned inside out and upside down/up, after moving to our homeland, but it takes great fortitude to persevere and learn the 'lesson' intended by the challenges. Just sitting and waiting for the geula wherever one is as long as one yearns for the geula daily, might not be so terrible.

Personally, I'd rather face the challenges.


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