Tuesday, November 23, 2010

More Prayers for Rain

While I wish I could have passed the rain we had here yesterday onto Israel, religious Jews in Israel are doing their part to try to get the precipitation coming again.

Arutz Sheva:
In light of the continuing drought in Israel, Chief Rabbis Shlomo Amar and Yonah Metzger have declared next Monday as a second day of prayer and repentance, in which Israelis will be asked to fast and hold special prayers for rain. The Chief Rabbis called on everyone who is able to fast on Monday. Individuals who plan to fast should accept the fast upon themselves when praying Mincha on Sunday. The fast will begin at dawn Monday, and end at sunset.

The Chief Rabbis will participate in special prayers at the Kotel on Monday afternoon at 3:30 PM, and they called on those unable to get to the Kotel to hold prayers of repentance in their local synagogues. A similar day of fasting and prayer was held last Thursday.
Also, Ladaat has an article that says that a bunch of rabbis will be gathering at Kibbutz Ein Gev, praying Minha in the synagogue there, and then taking a boat-ride in the Kinneret with more Tefillot and Shofar-blasts to plead with the Master of the Universe to bring rain.  May they be successful.

Update Arutz Sheva has it now:
(Israelnationalnews.com) With no rain clouds on the horizon, rabbis from the Jordan Valley region are planning a mass prayer rally for rain in the heart of the Kinneret (Sea of Galilee), Israel's largest single water reservoir. More than 100 people will set off Wednesday from Kibbutz Ein Gev, near the Kinneret, for the special prayer session. 

Worshippers will take part in afternoon prayers (Mincha) at the synagogue at Ein Gev, and at 4 p.m. will set sail on the Kinneret, where they will pray again, this time with a specific plea for rain. Upon their return, they plan to take part in the evening prayer service and then complete the study of the Talmudic book Ta'anit, which deals with the laws of fasting. 

Among those who plan to take part are Rabbi Shlomo Didi, the Chief Rabbi of the Jordan Valley region, and Rabbi Simcha HaCohen Kook, Chief Rabbi of Rechovot. 

In addition, a second fast day has been announced. Many Jews fasted last Thursday and prayed for rain; as rain has yet to come, another dawn-to-dusk fast will be held Monday. 

Israel's chief rabbis are calling on those who can fast for the full day to do so, and for those who cannot fast a full day to attempt to fast until midday. 

A special prayer session will be held at 3:30 p.m. Monday at the Western Wall (Kotel) asking for rain. The general public is asked to join in by praying for rain on Monday afternoon, whether or not they are at the Kotel.


At Tue Nov 23, 11:30:00 PM 2010, Anonymous Shiloh said...

Change our midot for the better will solve it here in Israel. Following our Torah will solve it. Falling on deaf ears! If we merit it, it will rain. Go look in the mirror now.

At Wed Nov 24, 02:56:00 AM 2010, Anonymous Mai said...

Every year we complain that the Kinneret level is below the red line and that there is no rain in Israel.
I agree that it is important to fast and to improve our midot in order to ask Ha-shem for rain. But if the rain does not come year after year, then we must come up with plan B. And a logical plan B would be to continue investing in desalination. There already are desalination plants in Eilat, in Ashkelon, and in Hadera. So why not build more desalination plants?
There is no time to lose.

At Wed Nov 24, 04:05:00 AM 2010, Anonymous Shiloh said...

Mai, the quality of desalinated water is not the best. We don't need to have a plan B. We need to stop giving much of the kinnerets water to Jordan. We need to stop allowing the arabs in Israel to use unlimited amounts for free. We need to stop the secular kibbutzim from wasting huge amounts of water. For the last 7 years we have had drought and the useless gov't here will not protect it's own people as they are afraid of the world and specifically the arabs here. It's complete insanity and as usual Jews get the short end of the stick. Sell the desalinated water to the arabs and the Jordanians then and when they don't pay, shut if off.

At Wed Nov 24, 09:49:00 AM 2010, Blogger Cosmic X said...

It's incredibly frustrating...we nearing the end of Kislev and the weather is like spring...we need teshuvah and rachamei shamayim.

At Wed Nov 24, 09:10:00 PM 2010, Anonymous Anonymous said...

So make some orgonite already and spread it around. It works for lots of us yehudim all over the world, and goys too. TB's, EP's, CB's, etc. Gotta bust the towers. Go for it. And keep davening too.

At Wed Nov 24, 09:48:00 PM 2010, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Forgot to mention, read the orgonite forums for information, but IMO, don't become an active participant unless you want to spend your time fighting the anti-Semitic rant that pervades that arena. Only one online orgonite group, that I am aware of, does not tolerate anti-Semitic rant. That's warriormatrix.com. The others are 50% meshuggas/bigots.


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