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Tuesday, March 15, 2011

King of the South Indeed - The United States of Africa

FoxNews: Gadhafi's pet project, US of Africa, moves forward:

JOHANNESBURG – As Libya's leader struggles to keep his grip on power, one of his pet projects appears to be moving ahead at the African Union, which took initial steps Tuesday toward creating his grand plan: the United States of Africa.

AU officials met Monday and Tuesday at the organization's Ethiopia headquarters to discuss the formation of the African Union Authority, an institution that would replace the existing AU Commission with the aim of eventually bringing Africa's countries under a single unity government.

For years, Moammar Gadhafi has touted the idea at AU summits and even canvassed West Africa to garner support. Some leaders have supported the idea. Others have urged the slow development of economic communities and allegiances that analysts say will let them cement their regional ties and position.

When eccentric Libyan leader became the union's chairman in 2009, AU members announced they would form the Authority, a plan they cemented later that year at a summit Gadhafi hosted in his hometown of Sirte.

In announcing the decision, Tanzanian president and outgoing AU head Jakaya Kikwete said of the transition: "the ultimate is the United States of Africa."


It is not clear whether Gadhafi's concept of a united Africa would be a democratic one. He attends the AU's annual summits flanked by a coterie of extravagantly dressed men who call themselves the "traditional kings of Africa" and describe Gadhafi as the lead king.
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