Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Interesting Links from the Hareidi Hebrew Sites

Ladaat - Incantations from Rav Kaduri ZT"L.  A 6-volume set of books going for 7000 (!) Shekels contains Kabbalistic incantations one can say for various reasons.  Included are incantations to: 1) see whom you will marry in a dream, 2) cure illness, 3) turn invisible, 4) get out of jail, 5) get water in the desert, 6) arrest criminals (for the police), 7) expose a thief 8) get wine out of the wall

Kikar - Working on a Halachic solution to build the Mizbe'ah

Kikar and Ladaat both have the story and audio of how the Yated Ne'eman (Israeli version) published an ad with a phone number to a recorded message telling people not to buy the Yated Ne'eman!  The ad is apparently in response to the newspaper's stance against rabbis (such as Rav Ovadia Yosef, Shlit"a) that don't conform to their worldview.  The fact that they got it published is a bit Geneivat-Da'at-like, but very funny.  The ad reads, "Is the future of your children important to you?" and gives the phone number to call.  Meanwhile, there are follow-up articles saying that the Va'ad Harabanim blocked the phone number and that the kid pictured is the son of the Chabad emissary from Kazakhstan.


At Wed May 18, 01:03:00 PM 2011, Blogger Devorah said...

The english translation of the R. Kaduri book at Ladaat reads: "The price of books apparently not cheap at all, and it is about more than Bosnian Muslim shekels with Earth books."

You could pick up a copy for Josh...

At Wed May 18, 05:12:00 PM 2011, Blogger squiffsmom said...

Where can I get a copy of the book?

At Wed May 18, 05:24:00 PM 2011, Blogger yaak said...

I don't know, but my strong suggestion to you: Don't get it.

At Thu May 19, 02:37:00 AM 2011, Anonymous Neshama said...

This is a book for those special people who are humble, very learned, and love all Am Yisrael. NOT for the ordinary intelligent person. Maybe dangerous for the rest of us.

Those who understand, understand.

At Thu May 19, 09:16:00 AM 2011, Blogger yaak said...

Neshama, exactly. Well-put.


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