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Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Name Your 5 Top News Stories for 5771

Which 5 of these news stories would make it to your top 5 for 5771?

Please reply in the comments.
  1. Yemeni cargo headed toward Chicago
  2. Rockets from Gaza
  3. Yerushalayim bombing
  4. Syrians infiltrating
  5. Fogel massacre
  6. Daniel Viflic
  7. Bin Laden executed
  8. Leiby Kletzky
  9. Cairo embassy riot
  10. Migron destruction
  11. Terror in Eilat
  12. Rahm becomes mayor
  13. Wikileaks
  14. Rav Amsalem
  15. Minha Gedola of 6th millennium
  16. Goldstone's partial retraction
  17. Bibi speaks to congress
  18. Bibi speaks to UN
  19. Palestinians attempt statehood
  20. Blago convicted
  21. Yoel Goldstein is released
  22. US Mid-term elections
  23. Obama-care passes
  24. Blizzard in NY
  25. Blizzard in Chicago
  26. Fire in Carmel
  27. Australia floods
  28. Birds and fish dying
  29. Japan earthquake and tsunami
  30. New Zealand earthquake
  31. Grimsvotn volcano
  32. Spain earthquake
  33. Hurricane Irene
  34. Eastern US earthquake
  35. Egypt
  36. Tunisia
  37. Syria
  38. Iran
  39. Bahrain
  40. Yemen
  41. Libya
  42. Ivory Coast
  43. Turkey-Israel relations
  44. Rav Yehuda Mualem
  45. Rav Lefkowitz
  46. Rav Koppelman
  47. Rav Stein
  48. Rav Menashe Klein
  49. Baba Elazar
  50. Rav Lifshitz
  51. Spinka Rebbe of Yerushalayim
  52. Ongoing incarceration of Jonathan Pollard
  53. Ongoing incarceration of Gilad Shalit
  54. Ongoing incarceration of Sholom Rubashkin
  55. Ongoing incarceration of Alan Gross
  56. Ongoing incarceration of Jacob Ostreicher
  57. Ongoing incarceration of Yaakov Yosef Gruenwald
  58. Ongoing destruction of the Beit Hamikdash
If there is a major story that you think I missed, let me know in the comments.

תכלה שנה וקללותיה
תחל שנה וברכותיה


At Thu Sep 29, 02:36:00 AM 2011, Anonymous michael said...

the ongoing mideast turmoil for sure

At Sun Oct 02, 06:20:00 AM 2011, Anonymous Anonymous said...

off the top of my head my gut reaction is to say leiby kletzky and baba elazar for sure. the fogel massacre comes to mind next. that they were one on top of other adds to the feeling that s/t is wrong in our world. the japan earthquake, tsunami and volcanic eruption and continuing nuclear disaster surely seemed a wake up call to Hashem's power. As did the eastern us earthquake...maybe just my bias as i happened to have felt it in baltimore....that certainly shook me up both literally and figuratively....i maybe crazy but i always have a small flashlight in my purse now....definitely felt lo derech ha teva for our neck of the woods.....

At Sun Oct 02, 09:06:00 AM 2011, Blogger Dov Bar-Leib said...

1. Fogel massacre
2. Ongoing incarceration of American held prisoners of Tzion, Yehonatan Pollard and Shalom Rubashkin
3. Japan earthquake/tsunami/nuclear disaster on the exact same day of the Fogel massacre, but a few hours beforehand. It came 11 days after the Japanese FM promised the Iranian FM nuclear fuel rods for the Iranian nuclear reactor.
4. Queensland, Australia being under water for one month just three weeks after FM Kevin Rudd publicly stated that it is the official position of the Australian government that Yerushalayim should be divided. He has since partially retracted his original comments.
5. The destruction of 3 homes in Migron which was followed 3 hours later with Hurricane Lee kindling 57 wildfires in Texas which over a three day period burnt over 1500 homes to the ground. Remember the demonization of Migron began during the Gog W. Bush, Jr. administration. And that Ehud Barak is a paid employee of the US State Dept.
6. The East Coast earthquake and the cracking of the Washington Monument and the US National Cathedral: Divine hints that the serving of G-d for the sole purpose of prospering days are now over forever precisely because we have reached Mincha Gedolah of the 6th Millennium. Baruch HsShem.

I would add the burning down of London during shavua she'chal bo and on Tisha B'Av itself. And the stock market crash on Erev Tisha B'av in the US warning Americans in general and Jews in particular what one should expect in the very near future. And you forgot the massive F-5 and F-4 tornado season over about a six week period starting on Shabbat HaGadol. There were at least 6 major tornado systems during that period including the F-5 tornado that destroyed 70% of Joplin, MO after Obama officially divided Jerusalem while Netanyahu was enroute to Washington, DC just before Lag B'Omer. I believe Ya'ak that 5771 has been the most naturally disasterous year in recorded history, expected for the Year of Hoshana Rabba.

At Sun Oct 02, 09:07:00 AM 2011, Blogger Dov Bar-Leib said...

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