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Friday, November 18, 2011

Geula Update from Rav Fish - Hayei Sarah, 5772

  • With what's going on in Syria, it's interesting what the Otzar Midrashim says that when Niron Mizrahi of Damascus falls, the Eastern kingdom will fall, and then, the salvation for Israel will sprout.
  • David Hamelech captured Suria, but it didn't have the full status of Eretz Yisrael because it was captured before Eretz Yisrael proper was captured, says the Rambam on Demai 6:11.  So why did David Hamelech do so?  He knew that capturing Damascus was integral to getting the Beit Hamikdash.  (דמשק is the same letters as מקדש.  Also, אַפֵּךְ כְּמִגְדַּל הַלְּבָנוֹן צוֹפֶה פְּנֵי דַמָּשֶׂק - the Levanon refers to the Beit Hamikdash, says Shir Hashirim Rabba 7:10, and that is צופה פני דמשק, so there's a definite connection.)  Therefore, he tried to capture Suria to bring about the Beit Hamikdash being rebuilt, but it was premature.    Now that he captured Suria, he merited to see the light of the Beit Hamikdash prematurely in Bat Sheva - as he knew that the builder of the Beit Hamikdash would come via her.  This is why he cried profusely over Bat Sheva's first son who died, as he carried the completion of Malchut Beit David and the Beit Hamikdash.  It wasn't until Shelomo was born that David's kingdom shone.  The Zohar (No'ah 73b) compares Bat Sheva belonging to Uriah Hahiti at first and Eretz Yisrael belonging to the Canaanites at first as being the same sod.  This is because Bat Sheva represents the completeness of Eretz Yisrael.  Both Bat Sheva and Eretz Yisrael were given over to the Kelipa first.  
  • Dina, the daughter of Yaakov, was switched in the womb with Yosef.  Therefore, she had the masculine qualities of "going out" and Yosef had feminine qualities too.  Pirkei DeRibbi Eliezer (38) says that Asenat was the daughter of Dina and Shechem and was sent away by Yaakov Avinu and ended up in Potifar's house.   "Emunat Itecha" (5757 p. 16) writes that Dina had the spark of Mashiah Ben Yosef within her so וַתֵּצֵא דִינָה is the gematria of משיח בן יוסף and the gematria of the Milui of דינה is also equal to משיח בן יוסף.  We see that Dina's job is to enter the Kelipa and work for Yosef and prepare the setting for Mashiah Ben Yosef - and this is called מדינה - i.e. the State of Israel comes from Dina - from the root of Dina, who is working in the Kelipa to prepare for Mashiah Ben Yosef.  [YY - Rav Fish emphasizes here that any person who doesn't keep Mitzvot cannot be a Mashiah, as many mistakenly think.]  By Dina being hidden in the box and not marrying Esav, Yaakov was punished - since her job was to join the Kelipa to produce Asenat, she wasn't supposed to be hidden anyways, so she could have helped Esav mend his ways, so this is why Yaakov Avinu was punished for this.
  • The Zohar that talks about the 6.5 + 6.5 years after the 60 years - another girsa is really 6.5 + 6 years, which would put the end of the era at Pesah, 5772.  Rav Morgenstern's Yam Hahochma agrees to this dating.
  • Rav Shimon Horvitz ZT"L, a Rosh Yeshiva of Sha'ar Hashamayim and Kabbalist, wrote in an approbation to a book in 5692:
I request from the honor of his Torah that he should organize well all the hints and novelties regarding our Redemption and the freedom of our souls, and he should publish it with success and Hashem should help him with this because with the darkness of this great and awesome exile, it is proper for all who have secrets and good hints regarding the Redemption that they should publicize them as they cause joy in the hearts of man and cause a strengthening of hope, and they are like cold water on a tired soul.

  • The Malbim at the end of Daniel gave his Ketz and people asked him how he could do so.  He replied that תפח רוחן של מחשבי קצין only applied right after the Hurban, but not now.
  • We saw the sudden passing of 3 Gedolei Yisrael, the Rashei Yeshivot of Mir, Beis Hatalmud and Beis Medrash Elyon.  The common thread of all three is that they were Lithuanian Gedolim who came from America who had big Yeshivot in Eretz Yisrael.  On a spiritual level, there is a clear hint from above that the spiritual connection of America and Eretz Yisrael took a huge blow and some of the Tzadikim who transported that positive influence are no longer with us.


At Fri Nov 18, 01:17:00 AM 2011, Anonymous Anonymous said...

great suff keep it up ! big fan of your blog . Especially request of shomer emunime rebbe and his insights in english !

At Fri Nov 18, 01:22:00 AM 2011, Blogger nava said...

Your article about Dina reminded me what Rav Kaduri, zs'kl, said at the time about the redemption "...Moshiach's Secret is Half of the Medina."

At Fri Nov 18, 06:11:00 AM 2011, Anonymous Anonymous said...

blessed shabbat. and thanks.its true. we are all tired, jews and noahides. you stengthen us to go on. we do realise the exact date only Hashem Knows. and because of the messages of the holy sages, we can still go on, waiting for the mosiach's arrival.

At Fri Nov 18, 07:14:00 AM 2011, Anonymous Neshama said...

Thanks for the great erev Shabbos reading that I can only get to motzei! We have the A-Bomb, and now the
O-bomb ( but someone will find it and use it on their blog).

At Sat Nov 19, 01:33:00 PM 2011, Anonymous Neshama said...

"The common thread of all three is that they were Lithuanian Gedolim who came from America who had big Yeshivot in Eretz Yisrael..."

Could this mean that the Lithuanian (Galus) derech is waning in influence, making room for the influence of Toras Eretz Yisrael confining much of the Galus derech in America. I always felt that the Sephardi way was closer to historical Eretz Yisrael observance. I feel the European Jewish experience instituted greater chumros and fences because of their environment, and not really necessary in the struggle for achdus. Do you follow my thinking?

At Sat Nov 19, 04:38:00 PM 2011, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I am sefaradi and disgusted by Neshama's ignorant and gross insinuations. I would like to know how many years has Neshama been studying and with whom, because either it's a child or female (if so, shut up and learn some respect) or a pit of ignorance (if so, shut up even more, and I hope your rabbi teaches you some respect). Additionally, it goes without saying that the Askhenazi mesorah - which is a minhag and NOT a chumra and which Askhenazim are obligated into - does not apply to sefaradim.

At Sat Nov 19, 09:14:00 PM 2011, Anonymous Anonymous said...


Insults are not necessary in responding to Neshama's post. Her observation is borne out--humrot are extant among haredim, whose origins are in Europe. Humrot also came about, on a different level, in response to the birth of the Reform movement, again in Europe. Sepharadim, though traditional, had no role in the development the humrot we see today. There has always been a certain amount of flexibility among Sepahradim. See the teshubot of HaRambam and many of the Sepharadi rabbanim, especillay many of those from Halab. I say this with all respect to Ashkenazim. I do not see why Neshama should receive mussar for stating this.

Shabua tob


At Sun Nov 20, 05:03:00 AM 2011, Anonymous Anonymous said...

This is Anonymous above. First of all, how can anyone lump together all Askhenazim? Hassidim are more different from Litvakim than Sefaradim are. I wonder if Neshama has ever known a real Askhenazi rabbi. They have always been stressing that it may take an illui to find a way to permit something, while any ignoramus is capable of screaming "assur".
If there are sefaradim who became hassidim, usually after losing observance and afterwards becoming "baalei teshuva", and who adhere to the stupidest chumrot and add to them too, this has to do with psychology, not with Judaism. Many of these people need a good psychiatrist, rather than a different rabbi. This has nothing to do with the Torah of Askhenazim which is exactly as close to the "historical observance" as any other legitimate minhag.
I did not know she was a woman, but it's intolerable to insinuate that G-d forbid Askhenazim do not seek ahdut, institute chumrot and fences at their heart's desire, and have distanced themselves from the "original". This can not and should not be tolerated.
Anonymous, I agree with what you wrote, including the fact that Sefaradi rabbis have not developed the chumrot we usually see among wierdos and nutcases (Sefaradi rabbis and chachamim did develop their own chumrot, which are followed within each community, but rarely get the spotlight). I do not and can not agree with what Neshama wrote.
Shavua Tov

At Sun Nov 20, 05:21:00 AM 2011, Blogger Dov Bar-Leib said...

I would like to second that the 5766 and 5772 years were discussed in depth by Rav Matisyahu Glazierson back as early as 1984 when I was at Dvar Yerushalayim Yeshivah. Apparently even back then he discussed 5766 as a geulah date of Achishena within b'itah, and if we messed up on some basic test, the full blown Geulah process would be delayed 6 years in accordance to the Zohar on VaYera. Rav Glazierson is a mekubal of the highest order. And precisely what he spoke about back in 1984 seem to have come to pass. Sadly the test of common decency in 5765 preceding the 5766 date was failed by many people including some of the folks spoken about in the comments above. It is not worth mentioning names because that will get us nowhere. The good news is 5772 is pure b'itah and cannot be blown by anybody. Yet, because of our failure in 5765, the Mashiach that appears in 5772, most likely before Pesach, will be Mashiach ben Yosef not Mashiach ben David. The giant leap to establishing a society of common decency here in Eretz Yisrael will be enough for one year. G-d could complete the process in one year, but we human beings simply could not handle it. The giant leap to bring Mashiach ben David as we return to a society rooted in the Torah will take a bit longer. I base this on Rav Chaim Vital and the differing soul roots of MBY versus MBD. MBY seems to establish a society of human decency lishma in addition to his role in the mitzvah of Mehiyat Amalek. MBD later on raises us to our proper level of kedushah by returning us to the Torah.

At Sun Nov 20, 10:36:00 AM 2011, Blogger Neshama said...

Please accept my apology for insulting anyone. I'm unfamiliar with receiving such harsh language.

At Sun Nov 20, 12:11:00 PM 2011, Blogger Dov Bar-Leib said...

Dear Neshama: You seem to have run into a buzzsaw. I cannot speak for individual commenters, but there is a group at the End of Days which parallels the Erev Rav called the Erev Ze'ir. They will reject the notion that human decency is kadmah to the Torah, or better yet, is the purpose of the Torah as our great sage Hillel has put it. So apparently G-d has set up another test not on the Klal but on individual Jews to see if they are part of that klipah. After the Erev Rav is disposed of before or during the reign of Mashiach ben Yosef, the Erev Ze'ir will remain and will ultimately confront MBY himself. Their complaint: You Sir have not set up a Torah society, just a just Noachide society with special laws against gossip too which are a bit beyond what is expected of a Ben Noach.

For becuase of our recent behavior in 5765, this test has become necessary. It will be a society of common decency, but MBY will be rejected by the Erev Ze'ir for not enforcing Torah law above and beyond the areas of human decency. Amongst many in the Erev Ze'ir there is a great anger and a refusal to accept this path of Redemption and they will summarily reject the establishment of a Yesod of human decency before the world of Torah is buttressed by Mashiach ben David. So as MBY comes to fruition this year, bli ayin hara, the opposing force of the Erev Ze'ir also grows in strength so that Free Will is still maintained throughout the entire process of the rule of MBY. Sorry for the buzzsaw. Again there is no way of knowing if any individual or commenter is from this klipah (in some cases anger about chumrot or minhagim which themselves are justified can be just a case of indigestion.) Yet, watch out for this Erev Ze'ir as MBYosef sets up his Noachide utopia here in EY with additional laws against gossip. (Slander of course is already included in the Noachide system as a toladah of geneivah.)

At Sun Nov 20, 01:45:00 PM 2011, Anonymous Anonymous said...

To "Anonymous" Sefaradi

The one who needs to learn and acquire some respect is YOU. Your comment about women is exceptionally offensive and ignorant. Do you offer such disrespect to your mother? Do you regard her as ignorant, or childlike? She knew enough of life and HaShem to keep you alive. Could you do as her? She was created on a higher spiritual plane than you. Had she withdrawn her breast, you would have died. Every woman is the mother of Am YIsrael. Show some respect. HaShem counts the tears of women.

At Mon Nov 21, 07:20:00 AM 2011, Anonymous Anonymous said...

This is again Anonymous sefaradi comment #6. To previous Anonymous: my mother has Kavod Harav. As for accusing me of regarding women as "childlike", does that mean you disrespect children and use them as an example of idiocy? Of course not, but a child is not an adult and has no place with adults. Some women are learned in Torah, but the person above, who obviously isn't, has no place slandering Askhenazi gedolim whose decisions she dislikes. And, it should be obvious but I write it down for shotim and weak minds, no Sefardi gadol has ever dared questioning the Askhenazi mesorah.

To Dov Bar-Leib: I believe I was taught that MBY is fully observant and always has been. This does not mean he will harass non-observant jews, who will of course admire him greatly. Can you name a true gadol who harassed non-observant jews? Even more so after the shoah?
As for the rest of your message, Neshama has to apologize to Askhenazi gedolim (surely not to me) and has to remove the other message. Then I think the moderator could and should edit or delete the rest of the discussion, beginning with my messages.

At Mon Nov 21, 07:49:00 AM 2011, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Why was my comment deleted? My mother has Kavod Harav, which looks like not all ladies have.

At Mon Nov 21, 09:39:00 AM 2011, Blogger yaak said...

To the Anonymous commenter who grossly misjudged Neshama's comments and totally overreacted to them, I believe you owe her an apology.

First of all, the Spam blocker blocked your message for some reason. I wish it would have blocked your first message too. I unblocked it.

Neshama said nothing of what you accuse her of saying. She did not disrespect Ashkenazi rabbis at all in her comments. If I'm not mistaken, she herself is Ashkenazi. She is advocating a return to an Ikkar-Hadin-based halachic standard which gets rid of Humrot that are no longer necessary, based on rulings of Sepharadim in Eretz Yisrael.

This is exactly the approach of Rav Ovadia Yosef - see "Restoring the crown to its old state" and "Kocha D'hetera Adif" sections there.

Nowhere in her words did she disrespect Ashkenazi Gedolim or rulings.

I think you owe her an apology as she was deeply hurt by your words.

At Wed Nov 23, 12:32:00 PM 2011, Anonymous Anonymous said...

If she is Askhenazi, her disrespect is even worse. When the Sanhedrin and Moshiach tell us chumrot are unnecessary, we'll act accordingly; until then, we listen to our gedolim and perhaps try to learn a little bit, rather than "advocating" this or that. As for Rav Ovadia shlita, no one is discounting his words, all I am saying is that other opinions are equally valid and deserve equal respect.

At Wed Nov 23, 12:59:00 PM 2011, Blogger yaak said...

Again, I don't know where you are seeing any disrespect in her words. She is disrespecting no one. She is stating a fact. That's all.

At Wed Nov 23, 01:26:00 PM 2011, Anonymous Anonymous said...

stop all the fighting as my hindu guru yogananda and my buddhist guru thick nat han of vietnam say, middot preceede the torah ! and by the way thats why geulah hasnt come


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