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Thursday, March 21, 2013

Interesting Nissan Geula Links

It doesn't feel like חודש האביב around here.  It's been pretty cold, and in fact, the Sunday before Pesah (the day that many people choose to clean out their vehicles) and/or Erev Pesah, it might even snow.

Nevertheless, it always feels like עת הזמיר הגיע וקול התור נשמע בארצנו here at this blog all year round.  When Nissan comes around, the feeling just intensifies.  Here are some of the links I found.  Let me know if you see any others by adding a comment.

Jewish Press - The Month of Yearning for Redemption

Jewish Press - Shir HaShirim: The Love Between God And Israel

Mashiach Is Coming points out that Rav Ovadia's psak to say the blessing of שנתן מכבודו לבשר ודם on President Obama went from Bechadrei to Ma'ariv to The Blaze.  The English translation on The Blaze, which wrongly says that he "created" the blessing (instead of saying that he applied the blessing) also omits what both Hebrew articles say - that Rav Ovadia quotes Haza"l as the reason it is a Mitzvah to see him:
For if one merits, in the future, one will distinguish between their honor and the honor of Jewish kings and the honor of the King Mashiah.
Rabbi Glazerson - Mashiah in Nissan 5773

YWN - Vertluch: Parshas Tzav – HaGadol

The Kol Emunim newsletter has a couple of Geula-related Divrei Torah (beginning of page 1 and center of page 3)

(Indirectly related to Geula:) The Yesodot HaHinuch newsletter has more on the previous pope's resignation and Rav Ades.

בניסן נגאלו ובניסן עתידין להגאל


Lazer Beams - V'hi She'amda: The Eternal Promise


At Thu Mar 28, 02:59:00 PM 2013, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Rav Berland said during seder night that Mashiach will come this Shevii shel Pesach.


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