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Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Tikkun Hatzot During the 3 Weeks

There is an established Minhag to recite Tikkun Hatzot after midnight throughout the year.  This is especially true during the three weeks.  In addition, during the three weeks, there is another Minhag to recite the Tikkun Rahel portion of Tikkun Hatzot after mid-day (except for Fridays, Shabbatot, and Rosh Hodesh).  Ideally, it is to be recited while sitting on the floor.

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Due to Daylight Savings Time, Hatzot begins very late in the lunch hour.  For example, in Chicago right now, it's at 12:53.  Due to this and other factors, I find that it is not an easy task to do.  Even though Tikkun Rahel is relatively short, I try not to rush through it, since I believe that doing so defeats the purpose.  Furthermore, I try to do it on the floor.  There were times that I needed to recite Minha by myself at work, but an empty conference room is much easier to come by later in the day.

Those who are able to say Tikkun Hatzot day, night, or both, Hazak Uvaruch and Kol Hakavod.


At Wed Jun 26, 08:01:00 PM 2013, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hazak Veematz. I want to share something more. When I go to sleep, I talk to Hashem and ask Him to help me to wake me up at Hatzot to pray Tikkun Hatsot and learn Torah (preferably say Patah Eliyahu and some Mishnayot)and wake up in early morning for Kollel in my Shul. With G-ds help I making it. Another powerful thing is a prayer Yehud. You can talk to Him at any time(you can open your heart to Him and tell how you love Him), I prefer before I go to sleep or when I by myself.
May Hashem give you Koah, Health and Parnassa to do Mitsvot completely!


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