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Monday, October 28, 2013

Benny Elbaz: Rav Ovadia ZT"L Came to Me in a Dream 8 Times Since His Petira

According to Kikar, Singer Benny Elbaz wrote on his facebook page that Rav Ovadia ZT"L came to him 8 times since he passed away.  Here's the image of his facebook entry.  My translation follows:

Already 8 times, I dreamed about Maran.  He was looking at me with a face of a white ball of fire and said to me, "Kaf Zechut" [favorable judgment] maybe 50 times.  Last Shabbat, he was already singing for me a really beautiful song whose words were "Kaf Zechut, Kaf Zechut, the nullification of the decree for every Jew".  And in his hand was a really big key with an extremely big light that was shaped like a crown.  We will see if anyone knows the interpretation of the dream.  This thing simply doesn't leave me. - Benny Elbaz


At Mon Oct 28, 12:28:00 PM 2013, Blogger aouman said...

SOrry for ignorance, but who is Benny Elbaz ?

At Mon Oct 28, 12:46:00 PM 2013, Blogger yaak said...

He is a Ba'al Teshuva Israeli singer, probably most famous for his protest songs that encouraged the Israeli government to free Aryeh Deri from jail at the time. He is also the father of the more famous singer nowadays - Gad Elbaz. If you understand Hebrew, the Wikipedia link I linked to should have more information.

At Mon Oct 28, 01:11:00 PM 2013, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I'm wondering if Benny is suppose to compose a new song with these words and concept.. Maran wants to continue uplifting us and guiding us through the Elbaz father-son concerts. Many secular Jews like to listen to them as well. If it is to be, the words will flow into beautiful music.

At Tue Oct 29, 06:50:00 PM 2013, Anonymous Anonymous said...

The yetzer hara has caused rifts among the Jewish people. The Bais Hamikdosh was destroyed because of sinas chinam. When we judge every Jew with "kaf zechut", we nullify the reason for the churban. So the decree of galus will be nullified. By singing the song, he can bring the key to geula.

At Tue Oct 29, 07:49:00 PM 2013, Anonymous Anonymous said...

happy ending


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