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Approval of Law to Call Torah Learners "Criminals" Will BE"H Generate Unprecedented Ahdut (UPDATED)

The Shaked Committee has approved criminal sanctions for those who wish to learn Torah and avoid being drafted into the army.  The unintended consequence will BE"H be an unprecedented display of Ahdut among Haredim in Israel.

From Kikar:

רדיפת עולם התורה: בשעות האחרונות (רביעי) החלו מגעים לכינוס משותף של שלושת מועצות גדולי התורה - הליטאית, החסידית והספרדית, המנהיגות את הציבור החרדי. זאת לקראת עצרת הענק המתוכננת להיערך בקרוב כמחאה וזעקה בעקבות הסעיף שאושר וקובע כי יוטלו סנקציות פליליות נגד תלמידי הישיבות.

לפי המסתמן, הכינוס המשותף וההיסטורי ייערך כבר בתחילת השבוע הבא. מי שעומל על התיאום בין המועצות הוא אברהם רובינשטיין, מזכיר המועצת הליטאית שהתבקש לעשות כך על ידי מרן ראש הישיבה הגאון רבי אהרון יהודה לייב שטיינמן.

בשיחה עם 'כיכר השבת', הבהיר העיתונאי ודובר בית הרב שטיינמן בני רבינוביץ, כי מדובר במעמד היסטורי, "זו לא הפגנה אלא עצרת תפילה, כולם מתאחדים אל מול הגזירה הקשה" אמר.

My translation:
Chasing the Torah World: In the last few hours (on Wednesday) began contacts for a joint meeting of the three Councils of Torah Giants - the Lithuanian, Hasidic, and Sephardic - who lead the Haredi community.  This is due to the upcoming giant gathering that is planned to be take place soon as a protest and outcry in the wake of the clause that was approved and establishes that criminal sanctions will be placed against Yeshiva students.

According to what it seems, the historic joint meeting will take place already at the beginning of next week.  The one who is busy coordinating between the councils is Avraham Rubinstein, the secretary of the Lithuanian council, who was requested to do so by Maran the Rosh Yeshiva Hagaon Rav Aharon Yehuda Leib Shteinman.

In a conversation with "Kikar Hashabat", the reporter and spokesman for the household of Rav Shteinman - Benny Rabbinovitz - clarified that we are talking about a historic gathering.  "This is not a demonstration, but a prayer gathering.  Everyone will unite against the harsh decree," he said.

My slim hope is that the Dati Leumi rabbis who are against this decree will also be included in this somehow.


Kikar reports that the gathering of the 3 Councils of Torah Sages will BE"H take place at 7:30 Monday evening in the Vizhnitz Hotel in Bnei Brak.  The representatives of each of the 3 groups organizing this event are:

  • Secretary of the Lithuanian Council - Rav Avraham Rubinstein
  • Secretary of the Hasidic Council - Rav Mordechai Stern
  • Shas head - Rav Aryeh Deri
Rav Stern reached out to an associate of Rav Shmuel Auerbach Shlit"a and invited him.  He agreed to attend.

The organizers note that this will be a Kiddush Hashem to, in a small measure, atone for the awful Hillul Hashem of calling Torah-learners "criminals"

The Gedolim from all the groups will discuss whether the giant prayer rally is prudent or if it will backfire and help Lapid's cause and political standing.


At Wed Feb 19, 09:48:00 PM 2014, Blogger Genoism said...

Would be very interested in knowing exactly when this will happen and what the aftermath is...Would personally want to help pray as well at the same time.

At Thu Feb 20, 01:14:00 AM 2014, Anonymous Anonymous said...

May it unite all the true children of yaacov as one, as on mount sinai. and may the enemies of israel fall away.

At Thu Feb 20, 01:41:00 AM 2014, Blogger Lea Farkash said...

Very scary, if you take away your 'defense shield', this is what Torah learning is, so what will be with us?
Didn't rabbi Steinman recently say that there is a decree in Heaven for the destruction of Yisrael?
Yes, I am very worried!

At Thu Feb 20, 03:35:00 AM 2014, Blogger Neshama said...

It's really only half of Am Yisrael!
What about the other half?

At Thu Feb 20, 05:06:00 AM 2014, Blogger yaak said...

Neshama, if you're referring to DL rabbis, refer to the last line of the post. Part of the problem is that they don't have a Moetzet yet - although they considered creating one. The other part of the problem is that it seems that most of these rabbanim were not as vocal in their opposition to this legislation as Haredi rabbis were despite Hesder Yeshivot being moderately affected.

If you're referring to the rest of Am Yisrael, most unfortunately support this legislation.

At Thu Feb 20, 10:19:00 AM 2014, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Lea Farkash: A Heavenly decree would not be against 'Yisrael'; it would be against the 'State' of Israel. There is a tremendous difference!

At Thu Feb 20, 12:55:00 PM 2014, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Things are pretty much set in stone at this point.


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