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Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Interesting Recent Links - Naso 5774 III


Yom Yerushalayim

Talmidim/Rabbonim Attacked at Shar Shechem on Yom Yerushalayim

MK Chetboun: Make Jerusalem Day a National Holiday

Yom Yerushalyim - It Still Stirs the Emotions

A Click Away from Yerushalayim: Largest Virtual Tour of Yerushalayim Launched (very cool)

(I linked to when they first damaged it 14 months ago.  Now, it's completely destroyed, R"L.)

Rav Mordechai Piron A"H


Crossing a Line

Knesset Speaker To MKs Heading To US: Deliver Letter Calling For Pollard’s Release To President Obama

Comments about the Pope's visit (video)

Rectifying Past Lives


At Thu May 29, 06:59:00 AM 2014, Blogger Dov Bar-Leib said...

Now that his synagogue has been destroyed, does Eliyahu HaNavi show up before Parshat Pinchus, when the haftarah of annointing Haza'el the King of Aram/ Damashek is read, to avenge its destruction?

At Thu May 29, 09:28:00 AM 2014, Blogger yaak said...

That would be very nice.

Regarding Haza'el, see my take on him here.

At Thu May 29, 04:02:00 PM 2014, Anonymous Anonymous said...

The main fight wull be for Yehudah and Shomron unlike Gaza its not for sale . we need Lots of Tehillim Yehudime and Bnei Noachime . Rabbi Yaakov Abuchatzeira Baba Salis Zeidi says Tehillim said with kavanah has the Cochot to break Dinime ~ Jdgements ! No one had the cochot of Malchut B Kedushah like Our Beloved King ~ King David ~ please uter his words ` combined with the private words of Hitbodedut Rav Shalom Arush Shlita and his Talmid Rav Lazer Brodie Shlita advise us on the site Lazerbeams . May Hashem Bless us in these endeavors !etblecollect


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