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The 5775 Hope for Geula - Part 3 - Final

Continued from Part 2 (or start at Part 1)
  • 11) 7-Year Shemita Period in Which Ben David Comes
We know from the gemara Sanhedrin 97a:
Our Rabbis taught: in the seven year cycle at the end of which the son of David will come-in the first year, this verse will be fulfilled: And I will cause it to rain upon one city and cause it not to rain upon another city; in the second, the arrows of hunger will be sent forth; in the third, a great famine, in the course of which men, women, and children, pious men and saints will die, and the Torah will be forgotten by its students; in the fourth, partial plenty; in the fifth, great plenty, when men will eat, drink and rejoice, and the Torah will return to its disciples; in the sixth, [Heavenly] sounds; in the seventh, wars; and at the conclusion of the septennate the son of David will come. R. Joseph demurred: But so many septennates have passed, yet has he not come! — Abaye retorted: Were there then [Heavenly] sounds in the sixth and wars in the seventh! Moreover, have they [sc. the troubles] been in this order!
As I showed in the first half of this post, based on a Midrash that was similar to this gemara, the first 5 years of this Shemita cycle (5769-5773) were eerily accurate.  Regarding the men, women, and children, pious men and saints dying in the third year, 5771 saw the brutal murders of Leiby Kletzky A"H and Baba Elazar ZY"A, and started a period whereby we lost many of the Gedolei Yisrael.

In the sixth year, we hear "sounds".  Rashi's first explanation is that we hear sounds that Mashiah is coming.  Refer to Rav Kanievsky, the Halban, and Rav Shernbuch above.  The intensity in which we've heard these sounds has really picked up.  Rashi's second explanation is that it refers to the sound of the Shofar.  This may help explain.

In the seventh year, 5775,  there will be wars.  The US-led coalition against ISIS is shaping up. Thousands of Hizbolla missles are aimed at Israel while they're not fighting Syrian rebels.  The Gaza ceasefire is expiring on Rosh Hashana.  The Russia/Ukraine conflict is still an issue.  Terror cells are popping up everywhere in the world.  Let's just say that it doesn't look like world peace is happening any time soon.

The Zohar mentions that in the 73rd year, a bunch of nations gather in Rome and get pummeled with rocks from the heavens while the Mashiah is revealed throughout the world, followed by an ingathering of the exiles.  Since Adam Harishon was created in year 2, which at Rosh Hashana, 5775 will have been 5773 years prior, it's possible to call 5775 the 73rd year of the century.  The Zohar continues and says that until the end of the century, Yishmael leads many nations to fight against Yerushalayim.

  • 13) Troubles coming like a river
We know from the gemara Sanhedrin 98a:
R. Johanan said: When thou seest a generation overwhelmed by many troubles as by a river, await him [i.e., await Mashiah], as it is written, when the enemy shall come in like a flood, the Spirit of the Lord shall lift up a standard against him; which is followed by, And the Redeemer shall come to Zion.
This summer has been a summer for the ages.  First, 3 boys were kidnapped, and we all prayed while the IDF went to go find them.  Then, we found out they were murdered.  This was followed by rocket attacks by Hamas that lasted the better part of 50 days.  Then, the UN decided that Israel committed war crimes so it is now investigating those.  Meanwhile, anti-Semites in the world have awoken from their slumber in the name of anti-Zionism or even the old-fashioned kind.  Over by the Euphrates River, a new enemy has popped up, threatening to make a caliphate that includes Eretz Yisrael.  This is not to mention Iran, who's happy the world is looking elsewhere and might just pop up with a nuclear weapon any day.  Like a river indeed.

  • 14) Spiritual Awakening
We have to constantly see what caused the Destruction of the Beit Hamikdash to see what is needed to rebuild it.  Our sages tell us that baseless hatred caused the Destruction.  This past summer, for the 18 days that we didn't know where the 3 Yeshiva boys were, the entire Jewish nation prayed for them in a show of unity for a cause.  Unfortunately, the outcome wasn't what we had hoped, but our efforts to unite surely made an impression in Heaven.

In addition, we know from the gemara Shabbat 118b:
R. Johanan said in the name of R. Simeon b. Yohai: If Israel were to keep two Sabbaths according to the laws thereof, they would be redeemed immediately, for it is said, Thus saith the Lord of the eunuch that keep my Sabbaths, which is followed by, even them will I bring to my holy mountain, etc.
This upcoming Parshat No'ah, there is a worldwide Shabbos Project to help those who have not had the opportunity to keep Shabbat before in their lives do so halachically with thousands and millions Jews throughout the world.  May those who see the beauty of that Shabbat continue to see the beauty of future Shabbatot for the rest of their lives and may that Shabbat bring us to our immediate redemption, as promised.

UPDATE: A commenter reminded me of this one and I decided it really should be added.

  • 15) 70 Years since the end of WWII

Rav Elchonon Wasserman HY"D said in the name of the Hafetz Hayim ZT"L that the period of Ikeveta Dimshiha will last 70 years after the next big war, which happened to be WWII.  While it was thought at first to be 70 years since the start of the war, it can easily be applied to the end of the war, which ended in 5705.

UPDATE 2 (11 Heshvan 5775):

  • 16) She'al Lecha Ot
Rav Mordechai Schlesinger ZT"L wrote in She'al Lecha Ot (read the whole essay from pdf page 109 to 115, but especially p. 113) in the name of an old book that Yemot Hamashiah would last from the year 5600 until the year 5775, which is the real Ketz.
As Rav Fish brought down in 5773:
It's brought down in the book "She'al Lecha Ot" that he found in a very old book that the Keitz of Mashiah is hinted to in the verse (Shemot 38:28) וְאֶת-הָאֶלֶף וּשְׁבַע הַמֵּאוֹת, וַחֲמִשָּׁה וְשִׁבְעִים, עָשָׂה וָוִים, לָעַמּוּדִים [And of the thousand seven hundred seventy and five shekels he made hooks for the pillars]. The hint is:

ואת האלף - which is Rashei Teivot for ואם תמנה ה'אלף - and if you will count 5000
וּשְׁבַע מֵאוֹת וְשִׁבְעִים וְחָמֵשׁ - and 775
[Verse 25's version has the word] שקל - which is Rashei Teivot for שנת קץ לישראל - and year of the Keitz for Israel
This year should be a year of salvation - תְּשֻׁעָה - for Israel
In conclusion, there is much to be excited for in the coming year.  The 1946-year wait may be coming to end.  What does this mean for us?  It means that we must repent.  We are in the month of Elul when repentance is the word of the day.  But, if our minds realize how great a feat our repentance can accomplish, it may give us that extra boost of energy to push the Yetzer Hara away for good.  Furthermore, if we don't repent, a king whose decrees are Haman-like comes into the picture.  Let's not go there.  May the merit to see our Final Redemption happen mercifully this coming year.  Amen.


At Thu Sep 18, 05:34:00 PM 2014, Blogger Leah said...

In my opinion it is interesting to note that 3 journalsts (one Jewish, one American and not Jewish along with a British journalist were murdered and the West is declaring that this has influenced a start to a war to fight ISIS and that terrorism must be stopped- especially ISIS or it will spread and escalate etc...
Now, three Jewish boys were murdered and a war (escalation of a long existing war) came about for Israel. Israel's sworn enemy started the missile lobbing.
Funny that Obama and other nations' representatives scream and threaten Israel for her war that came about by her sworn enemy's instigation. Funny that Obama send troops to Iraq to protect the oil and water, er... I mean to protect the Iraqis...
Funny those hypocrisies...
but somehow I don't think Obama or the other nations want to answer any questions on that though....

At Thu Sep 18, 09:58:00 PM 2014, Anonymous Anonymous said...

what about the bnei yisaschar that says that keeping 2 shabbosim means when yom kippur falls in shabbos?
and the 70 years of chevlei moshiach that started in the holocaust? this year is 70 years since the end of the second world war

At Thu Sep 18, 10:13:00 PM 2014, Anonymous Anonymous said...

blessed new year.
i humbly feel among the most important is that the three yeshiva boys bodies, after 18 days (chai) ws not in the least bit decayed and this shocked a pal. doctor there who saw it also.

At Thu Sep 18, 11:28:00 PM 2014, Blogger yaak said...

Anonymous 9:58,

Those are both good ones. There are many things I could have put in, such as gematrias. It was getting long enough already.

At Fri Sep 19, 09:40:00 AM 2014, Blogger yaak said...

I changed my mind and decided to add the second one you mentioned.

At Fri Sep 19, 11:01:00 AM 2014, Blogger Ronnie Rendel said...

Repent - has two aspects (Teshuva Tata'a and Teshuva Ila'a). The first is to regret past transgressions (the "mother" of all transgressions is us feeling ourselves to be independent existences and not nullified to the Infinite G-dliness), and accept the Yoke of Heaven for the future, starting Now.

The second Repentance - The Higher Teshuva - is to "go back" to our orginial source, where Israel, the Torah, and Kudsha Brich Hu are All One (Zohar Trumah) This is the Shema Israel - and it's this second level of repentance about which our Sages said "all the Keitzim have passed, all that is left is to Repent, the moment they repent immediately they are redeemed."

Today, it is enough for one Baal Teshuva to reach this second level of Repentance, it happens in an instant, and as the Rambam writes in Hilchot Teshuvah "brings salvation and redemption to the entire world".

At Sat Sep 20, 05:02:00 PM 2014, Anonymous Anonymous said...

At Sat Sep 20, 10:22:00 PM 2014, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hi I'm another Anon. than the one of Sat Sep 20, 05:02:00 PM 2014

I wonder what Ronnie Rendel
thinks of

[i found in URL posted by Anon. Sat Sep 20, 05:02:00 PM 2014] Thanks

At Mon Sep 22, 08:57:00 AM 2014, Blogger Ronnie Rendel said...

Hi Anon, there are definitely predictions for terrible things to "awaken" the world, as Hashem is "awaken" from the "sleep" of the exile.

However, just like in the plague of darkness, the Jews had light wherever they were, while the rest of Egypt suffered terribly, so it is now.

Indeed, it's not just Jews, but anyone who sides with G-d and Israel (as it is known that he who loves Israel loves G-d and he who loves G-d loves Israel) will not be "saved" from peril, but rather experience greater revelation of goodness from Hashem.

The Gemara says that at the end of days Israel will do Teshuva and be redeemed, and what if they don't do Teshuva? Hashem will put a king evil as Haman and will force them to do Teshuva... The inner meaning for this is true for each one of us individually as well.

As we approach Teshuva, but our evil inclination plays with us and we don't even know how to come back to Hashem. If we look at what is making our life difficult, and dig in we will find where we are causing it. This is a deep teaching of the Baal Shem Tov, that everything that happens to a person is in divine providence to teach a lesson in the service of Hashem.

The issue with many of these videos is they tell a person that they are "sinning" and that terrible things will happen because of their sins. Those who are truly sinning are not listening. Those who are listening, often don't know how to change their behavior, and now they are added anguish and fear of what's coming, which is more fuel for the evil inclination to convince them to turn away from G-d chas veshalom.

In this year of 5775 the evil inclination will finally be transformed into good. That has never been since the sin of the primordial snake.

What this means is that anyone who wants to bind his soul on high, can do it in an instant of a good thought, a good word, and a good action.

Our work now is not to "warn" the world about... Our work now is step beyond our exile mentality and rid ourselves of the chains of the evil inclination. How do we do that?

By learning the secrets of the Torah. The best is to learn through ego nullification, for those who know how to do that. We must gather (online even) and learn together, with great joy, thus exalting Hashem's Holy Name and bring salvation and redemption to the entire world.

ksiva vechasim tova leshana tova umesuka.

At Mon Sep 22, 09:24:00 AM 2014, Anonymous Anonymous said...

it also says in Neviim that Ishmael will do teshuva too, but not all muslims are Ishamel, some of them came from amalek and others

At Mon Sep 22, 09:24:00 AM 2014, Anonymous Anonymous said...

at the end of days Ishmael will do teshuva


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