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Sunday, February 01, 2015

Rav Mazuz on Yahad, the other Haredi Parties, Ya'ir Lapid, and Har Habayit

Translated from Kikar:

Elections 2015: Last Shabbat, a Shabbatton of the association of the Kisei Rahamim institutions, headed by the spiritual leader of the "Yahad - Ha'am Itanu" Party, the Ga'on Rav Meir Mazuz [Shlit"a], with the participation of the Rishon Letzion and Chief Rabbi of Yerushalayim, the Ga'on Rav Shelomo Moshe Amar [Shlit"a].

When Shabbat was over, the Ga'on Rav Meir Mazuz spoke to hundreds of his students and related to the upcoming elections and to the party that he heads, as the Rishon Letzion, the Ga'on Rav Shelomo Amar and the party chairman MK Eli Yishai were seated next to him.

With an exclusive video that came to "Kikar Hashabbat", Rav Mazuz is heard saying:
The gemara in Sanhedrin says [Yeravam Ben Nevat asked Hashem:] מי בראש?  בן ישי בראש [Who is at the head?  The son of Yishai is at the head.]  The word "בן" equals 52.  The word "אליהו" equals 52.  The gemara says that Eliyahu Yishai is at the head.
Rav Mazuz related to the Mahloket in the community and said:
 The world thinks that we are from the Dor Hapelaga.  I thought the following: those who vote for Shas hear that they want to go with the left, so thousands and myriads who love Eretz Yisrael - where will they go?  Either they won't vote at all or they'll go to Yeravam Ben Nevat, so what should we do?  Now, we will have some more [people voting].
Rav Mazuz added and said:
 I thought that everyone would understand me, that we will have an agreement with Shas, but they didn't understand me.  They went and fought.  So, we have no choice, we will Be'ezrat Hashem, have 12 seats.
The audience and those at the dais together with Rav Amar answered "Amen".

At this stage, Rav Mazuz specified that there would be Ko'ach [28] seats [to the Haredi parties] - 8 seats for Shas, 8 seats for UTJ, and 12 seats for the Yahad party.

Rav Mazuz verbally attacked the former finance minister and said:
We have a finance minister whom Hashem has given him all the foolishness in the world.  10 tons of foolishness came down to the world. 9½ was taken by Ya'ir Lapid, there's nothing to do about it.  He says that he is the master of the state, but he is the fool of the state.  "יבטל" [he will be nullified] is Rashei Teivot of יאיר בן טומי לפיד [Ya'ir Ben Tommy Lapid].
 Toward the end of his words, Rav Mazuz related to the storm around going up to Har Habayit and said:
Hashem gave us this land, the land will remain ours and our children's forever, including Har Habayit, including everything.  Only the Bayit [Beit Hamikdash] we cannot enter in the meantime until Mashiah comes.


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