Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Who is Gog - Obama or Putin? Rav Fish: Both!

In Rav Fish's latest essay (pp. 11-12), he is bothered by the question that it seems from many sources that Gog is Obama, but it seems from other sources that Gog is associated with Russia, and logically that points to Putin.

He answers that really both are Gog.  The main Gog is the antagonist of MBD, namely Obama.  The secondary Gog is the antagonist of MBY, namely Putin.

For how he reaches that conclusion, ע"ש.


At Wed Oct 14, 05:51:00 PM 2015, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Believe that Gog u'Magog is the combination of all the forces that will come up against Israel; in other words, it's the PTB that run the world's nations. Because the world is against H', His Torah, His people, His Land that they want to control.

At Wed Oct 14, 06:36:00 PM 2015, Blogger Dov Bar-Leib said...

Gog was Gog ben Gog Bush Jr. But because of how badly we treated each other by expelling 10,000 fellow Jews from their homes for either popularity of the Erev Rav amongst the nations or for money (for what would appear to be a worthy cause, but Torah learning should not be done in a way that causes other Jews to suffer says Rav Shalom Arush), the entire Geulah project was delayed one full Shmittah cycle to this one of the half Muslim half Xtian (iron mixed with clay) 11th horn dude from the Book of Daniel. Obama is not Gog, but he gets to play the role of Gog (along with Erdogan) because Malach Gavriel swears before G-d at the end of the Book of Daniel that there will be no more pre-Messianic Shmittah cycles after Obama's 7 year jaunt indicating that this one is b'itah and that the one with Gog ben Gog Bush was still Achishena. Why both Obama and Erdogan? because the figure in Nebuchadnezzar's vision had two feet where the iron was mixed with clay. The Western half of the former Roman Empire is now in Rome, Maryland (Washington DC) while the eastern half is still in Istanbul (clay)/ Constantinople(iron) explaining the two feet. The iron mixed with clay? Obama is a Muslim pretending to be a Xtian, and Erdogan is Constantine himself, a Xtian, pretending mightily to be a Muslim. So both of them are iron mixed with clay. Together Obama and Erdogan will come against us in a united front with a lot of Russian troops in tow making up the bulk of the Jerusalem occupation force. So yes, in the present makeup, Obama and Erdogan together make up Gog in this Motzei Shmittah cycle, but most of the troops will come from the Russian troops (from Moscow and Tobolsk) that are conveniently already in Syria. They will come here to divide Israel, but then they will be forced to destroy each other in Syria and elsewhere. Over 2 billion people will die as a result as predicted by the Vilna Gaon. So Magog was the United States in the previous Shmittah cycle (because of the Apache, a Mongol people, nation's subservience to the Bush family via unearthing Geronimo's skull etc.). In this cycle it is one of the other places that the Mongols conquered or settled (Siberia or China). This part is not clear. The classic version of GogUMagog is a leader of an Edomite world power trying to preserve Western Civilization's wealth and prosperity by attacking Israel. That was supposed to be Gog ben Gog W. Bush. We blew it, plain and simple. Obama is more of an anti-Gog. He is destroying his civilization from within to distribute its wealth and power amongst the Third World. But in the context of Sefer Daniel, he will do.

At Wed Oct 14, 06:47:00 PM 2015, Blogger Dov Bar-Leib said...

Putin is good friends with Rav Berel Lazer, very good friends. They are together a lot, not just for State functions. Putin seeks out his advice regularly. Something tells me that he is telling the Truth when he says that he does not hate us as Obama hates us. Yet, for the preservation of the New World Order he will be coerced into providing troops for the Jerusalem occupation force. In that way the hooks will be in his jaw but not in Obama's jaw.

The key to all this is understanding how badly be blew it in Gush Katif. Only Mashiach or Eliyahu HaNavi will successfully get certain people to reflect on how badly they messed up in 5765 by joining Sharon for whatever reason. We had the kinder and gentler Gog, but we will have to settle for the disgusting, vile Primordial Snake from Gan Eden instead as the antagonist. Gog went back to his ranch in Crawford, Texas. Hopefully Obama will simply go to hell.

At Wed Oct 14, 09:19:00 PM 2015, Anonymous Sekh said...

Gog uMagog are the forces destroying each other now at the End of Days. They have quite similar names because they are much comparable in strength. The result of the huge confrontations will impact upon Israel.

Today, such forces gather in Syria and around. They prepare the terrain for the imminent military show down. Two powers are ready for confrontation, US and Russia. Americans are professional military killers, the Russians will not be able to face them in the beginning, and so the Russian withdrawal from Middle East is the result. This means the Americans will have the upper hand over Israel until Hashem intervenes burning to the ashes US, the most sinful country in the world. Be aware Mashiach is watching!

The comments of Dov Bar-Leib are brilliant. His level of understanding approaches the one we expect from Eliyahu HaNavi and of course from Mashiach ben David. Eliyahu HaNavi may be religious, but for sure Mashiach ben David is secular (as Lubavitcher Rebbe pointed out in the past). Only Eliyahu HaNavi is able to recognise Mashiach ben David, and certainly Mashiach ben David will find out who Eliyahu HaNavi is. Their encounter is fundamental since Geulah just started on Rosh Hashanah 5776, or around that date, as Mashiach was in Israel at that time to start Yom Hadin from Sha’ar Harachamin. Now there is a time of hastening.

At Wed Oct 14, 11:19:00 PM 2015, Anonymous Anonymous said...

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