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Wednesday, April 17, 2024

21.5 Days

Warning: This post contains a prediction.  This prediction may or may not come to pass.  Those whose Emuna will be negatively affected by predictions not coming true should not read this post.

During the "3 weeks", or בין המצרים, we are in a state of mourning for 21.5 days.  This is because we start fasting basically at midnight on the 17th of Tamuz (or close to it - whenever we go to sleep).  Then, 3 weeks later, the mourning comes to a peak at Hatzot Hayom (halachic midday) of Tish'a Be'av.  After Hatzot, although we are still fasting, we are already in Geula mode.  This mourning period is therefore 21.5 days.

This tells us that there is something special about 21.5 days whereby things can turn around.

The atrocities of October 7th occurred 21.5 days after the New Year.  Rosh Hashana 5784 started approximately 6PM on Friday night - September 15th.  The October 7th massacre occurred 21.5 days later on Shemini Atzeret morning at around 6AM.  Therefore, the normal part of this year was a mere 21.5 days.

But Hashem works זה לעמת זה.  If a negative occurrence took place after 21.5 days from a noted date during the month of Din, a positive occurrence is due after 21.5 days from a noted date, Be'ezrat Hashem, during the month of Hessed and Rahamim.

In the previous post, I noted that Tekufat Nissan was when the 9 months of "pregnancy" was over and when the "birth" began.  Tekufat Nissan was on Sunday April 7th at 12:39 PM.

The following Sunday - April 14th - the 6th of Nissan - the Jewish people were attacked by Iran with over 300 ordinances (including ballistic missiles, cruise missiles, and suicide drones) and experienced an incredible miracle from HKB"H that not 1 Jew got a scratch.  If April 7th was the "birth", then April 14th was the "Berit Milah".  Of course, we learned from last week's Parasha that a Berit Milah cannot be performed at night - only in the daytime.  But the Jewish people didn't know the full extent of the (lack of) damage until the daytime, and that was when the Mazal Tovs could start.  ישתבח שמו לעד.

If one starts from Tekufat Nissan on April 7th (the "birth") and counts 21.5 days later, one will arrive at halachic midnight of the 7th day of Pesah, an auspicious time for the Jewish people.  Many people have the custom to stay up late on Shevi'i Shel Pesah before Hatzot reading Tikkun (which talks about Mashiah) or doing other learning - and after Hatzot reciting Az Yashir.  This is to commemorate the miracle of the Splitting of the Red Sea that occurred that day.

I received an email on February 2nd, 2023 and a follow-up email on February 4th, 2023.  These emails were from a man I do not know.  He allowed me to share the contents of the emails.  

In the emails, he told me that he had a dream on November 22, 2022 that Mashiah would arrive on Shevi'i Shel Pesah, 5784 at halachic midnight.

May we merit to see it!

Wednesday, April 03, 2024

Year 8 and the 9 Months - Part 3

Part 1

Part 2

For those following these posts, the timeline that I proposed is based on R' Ari Goldwag's video, but slightly different than that of his timeline.  R' Ari is counting 9 lunar months from Av until Adar Bet.  My calculation is counting 9 solar months from Tamuz (July 8th) until 2 days before Rosh Hodesh Nissan (April 7th) - based on the Tekufot.  

As I explained in detail in Part 2, the beginning of the 9 months started on the day of Tekufat Tamuz.  The October 7th massacre occurred on the secular day of Tekufat Tishri (which occurred Oct. 7th at 9:39PM).  This was also explained in detail.  

The end of the 9 months' "pregnancy" - also known as the "birth" - falls out on Tekufat Nissan, which is 2 days before Rosh Hodesh Nissan, or April 7th at 12:39 PM, if all this is accurate.

See the Wikipedia chart by clicking here and scrolling up very slightly.  Note that the Tekufot I'm referring to are according to Shemu'el - not Rav Adda.  Halachically (e.g. for reciting Barech Aleinu/Vetein Tal Umatar in the Diaspora), we follow Shemuel's Tekufot.

It follows that there will be 4 days in a row next week with important significance:

April 6th - Shabbat HaHodesh - we read about the importance of Nissan and the Korban Pesah
April 7th - Tekufat Nissan
April 8th - Solar Eclipse in the USA (a bad sign for the nations, according to the gemara Sukkah 29a)
April 9th - Rosh Hodesh Nissan

May these days bring good tidings.