Monday, May 30, 2005

10 Day Recap

I apologize for the light blogging for the past week and a half. My life has been busy and turned upside down in many ways.

Here's a recap of tidbits that I thought were worth noting:

  • mentions Arutz Sheva's interview with Rav Kaduri, where he denies rumors that he is pro-disengagement, but also has this to say (translation by
    Meiri: The Rav said that we need to rely on the Prime Minister [Ariel Sharon]?

    Harav Kaduri: "The heart of kings and ministers is in the hands of Hashem" and he [Sharon] is doing His will. Hashem will turn the Prime Minister away from bad counsel. The Prime Minister is a mighty warrior three times over.

    Meiri: So the Prime Minister is good?

    Harav Kaduri: Shortly the Moshiach will come, he will help the government, and Hashem will have mercy on them and make their prayers and requests successful and not turn them away empty-handed.

    Meiri: But there is a big argument among Jews ["between brothers"] and there are people who say that there is danger of a civil war and that the Prime Minister is in danger.

    Harav Kaduri: The people will rejoice, and the sick will be resuced. Such a thing [as civil war] will not occur.

    Meiri: What will happen now?

    Harav Kaduri: Hashem will have mercy on his people Israel that they will return to him and he will not turn them away empty-handed. He will nullify all the decrees instantly and peacefully. He will inspire the Prime Minister not to give all these places to the Arabs. And all the places will be for Jews. In the merit of our Holy Torah [which is learned there].

  • Rabbi Lazer Brody has a nice post here he says that Rav Chaim Kanievski (yes, the one who finishes Shas and Poskim every year) agrees that, "We are currently in the midst of the redemption process." (Hat tip: Akiva)

  • Akiva mentioned me in the latest Havail Havalim (or however it's pronounced) here. Thanks!

  • The guys at started a Mashiah-related forum called (in Hebrew). I need more time to check this out. This looks very interesting.


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